Zora O'Neill

Even though Jamie has been visiting New York for over 10 years, he has never ventured out of Manhattan. This trip takes him away from high-end restaurants and 5-star hotels and drops him in the middle of the world’s most ethnically diverse area: Queens. On his forays into the city Jamie uncovers things he’s never imagined: a restaurant run in a family’s living room and another making home-cooked Colombian food for illegal immigrants. He also stumbles across an ‘anti-restaurant’ scene, where people open their homes to strangers; provide them with restaurant quality food for wallet-friendly prices and send them away happy. These are known as supper clubs. After exploring the Egyptian, Peruvian and Szechuan communities in Queens Jamie decides to host his own supper club, with a menu that pays homage to New York’s eclectic mish-mash of food cultures.
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