Your Zodiac Sign Knows Exactly What You Want to Watch Tonight

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Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You fix yourself a nice dinner, pour yourself an ice-cold drink, and sit down to pick something to stream. Thirty minutes later, you’ve read about 87 synopses, your meal has gone cold, your ice cubes have melted, and you’re still no closer to choosing something to watch. If this is something you experience on a regular basis, then you might have chronic streaming indecision.

Don’t worry, it’s very common and there are countless remedies at your fingertips, namely in the form of recommendation listicles compiled by just about every media outlet under the sun.

But what if you had recommendations from the sun itself? And the moon. And the stars. That’s right, let astrology be your viewing guide. Because what better way to choose a show or movie (that you’ll actually like) than by using your own personality—zodiac personality, that is. We’ve compiled playlists for every astrological sign based on each one’s distinct traits. If you’ve ever checked your horoscope, then this astrology viewing guide might be for you.

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(December 22-January 19)

Personality: Mature, responsible, disciplined, and stoic.

Capricorns, you have been wise beyond your years since childhood and you’ll probably be a lifelong pragmatist. Sometimes it might take you a while to warm up to others, but once you befriend someone you will be a stable guiding force in their life. And with your tireless can-do attitude and workaholic tendencies, you’re destined to do great things.

Recommended Playlist:

From law enforcement to ballet, here’s a selection of disciplined, can-do characters who embody the Capricorn’s approach to life.

The Day

Soul of a Banquet

Still Life


The Wild Pear Tree

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(January 20-February 18)

Personality: Nonconforming, philosophical, esoteric, and independent.

As an Aquarius, you march to the beat of your own drum. If everyone else in the room liked A, you would prefer Z. You might be a bit of a hipster with a penchant for obscure underground music, films, and art—because the mainstream is painfully boring for you. But when it comes to people, you care more about the concept of humanity than actual individuals.

Recommended Playlist:

Meet a cast of iconoclasts, rebels, and good-old grumps (and possible Aquarians?) who would never compromise who they are just to please someone else.


Lynch: A History


Suzi Q

China’s Artful Dissident

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(February 19-March 20)

Personality: Dreamy, romantic, emotional, and lost in their own heads.

Like a fish, Pisces often swim through life, unaware of boundaries or practical limitations. If you can imagine it, then why not become it? You might not be a whiz with facts and figures, but you can intuit someone else’s emotions better than they can. This might make you a bit sensitive, but life for you is all about feeling, and you’d rather feel gut-wrenching sadness than nothing.

Recommended Playlist:

As a Pisces, you may identify with those who have wild imaginations and are fantasy prone. Lose yourself in these stories that elicit every emotion.


Lost and Beautiful


Asako I & II

The Minister

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(March 21-April 19)

Personality: Spontaneous, courageous, passionate, and highly competitive.

“I dare you” might be your favorite words. Aries are both fearless and often impulsive, making them natural adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. The last thing you want to do is waste your time watching anything overly complex or mundane. You like your entertainment quick and dirty; otherwise, you’d rather be outside, riding down a hill really fast on something with wheels.

Recommended Playlist:

Daredevils never get sick of watching other daredevils—especially when their fearlessness becomes courage in the face of impossible odds. Who knew adrenaline-junkies could be so inspiring?

12 O’Clock Boys

Losing Sight of Shore

Last Men in Aleppo

Bones Brigade

She Shears

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(April 20-May 20)

Personality: Stable, calm, grounded, and steadfastly reliable.

Tauruses are comfort creatures through and through, whether that means staying in and lounging on the couch or having the same routine every day for your entire life. You crave stability and tranquility, and take pleasure in the steadiness of nature. But like the bull that you are, you can also be stubborn and will buck at anything that threatens your routine.

Recommended Playlist:

Hate change? So do these characters. From a family of traditional beekeepers to not one, but two strong matriarchal figures, their stubbornness will make Tauruses feel seen.

The Wonders

The Maid

The Second Mother

Hello I Must Be Going

OK, Enough, Goodbye

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(May 21-June 20)

Personality: Social, charismatic, funny, and multifaceted.

There’s a reason why Gemini’s symbol is the twins—you can be two different people in one body. Sometimes you’re an extroverted social butterfly, sometimes you sit on the sidelines and observe the action. Either way, you are a people person and you have a razor-sharp sense for reading others. On the downside, being the twin sign means fearing being alone.

Recommended Playlist:

Geminis want their entertainment to feel like good company, and you’re especially intrigued by contrasting personalities and alter egos. If this sounds like you, you’ll love these titles.

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

Sakho & Mangane

Vernon Subutex


Aka Wyatt Cenac

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(June 21-July 22)

Personality: Sensitive, protective, intuitive, and sometimes a little, well, crabby.

Evoking the traits of your sign’s symbol, Cancers are generally more introverted and are known to retreat into their shells. You prefer intimate one-on-one connections over large group settings, but once you get to know someone you’re a loyal friend for life. Your highly sensitive nature makes you a bit moody at times, but you’re just trying to protect the ones you care about.

Recommended Playlist:

Are you sensitive one minute and grouchy the next? These titles will suit either mood, and they’re great for watching solo, as introverted Cancers probably prefer.

Killing the Father

The Letter Room

35 Shots of Rum

Love Me

Noemí Gold

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(July 23-August 22)

Personality: Creative, warm, ostentatious, and captivating.

Leos love the spotlight. You feel most comfortable when all eyes are on you and you live to give your audience what they want. Sometimes that makes you a little overwhelming, but you can’t help making your presence known and exuding your signature brand of warmth. You are a lion after all, and that makes you royalty.

Recommended Playlist:

As a big personality, you are naturally drawn to the same types on screen. Look no further than these flashy performers, flamboyant raconteurs, and spotlight seekers.

The Hollywood Complex

The Naked Civil Servant

Contemporary Color

The Office

Best Walk

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(August 23-September 22)

Personality: Detail-oriented, hard-working, creative, and patient.

Organization is key for Virgos, whether that means an immaculate home, a complex mental filing system, or cleaning up other people’s messes. As a Virgo, you live for feeling useful and will often forgo your own needs in order to be of service to others. Sometimes that means doling out unsolicited criticism, but that’s only because you’re a perfectionist with the highest of standards.

Recommended Playlist:

Virgos gravitate toward chaos because they want to be the solution to everything. While watching these characters flailing in their respective misadventures might stress some out, it will probably give you a sense of calm. An Ordinary Woman




Silent Rose

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(September 23-October 22)

Personality: Fair, idealistic, diplomatic, and indecisive.

Represented by the scales, Libras are always seeking balance and fairness in every situation. Your mood and personality might change depending on who you’re talking to, making you a mirror for others. This unique trait makes Libras one of the most social signs, and when dealing with other people, you’re a natural peacemaker who strives to achieve harmony.

Recommended Playlist:

You try your best to create peace and harmony in your life, but your indecisiveness will often lead you down an unintended path. You might relate to the characters in the first three titles and draw inspiration from the last two.





The Guru Inside You

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(October 23-November 21)

Personality: Intense, enigmatic, honest, and cunning.

Scorpios—what a mystery! Your eyes might look straight into our souls, but we never know what you’re thinking. Though it can be extremely difficult to break down your walls, once someone does you’re 100% dedicated to them. But you can’t help your nature—you’re constantly keeping score and if someone betrays you, you won’t hesitate to sting them.

Recommended Playlist:

Scorpios might be known to be a little Machiavellian, but that’s what makes you interesting. And that’s also what makes these controversial on-screen figures utterly fascinating to watch too.

Baron Noir

American Dharma

Lambs of God


King Bibi

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(November 22-December 21)

Personality: Independent, curious, compassionate, and honest.

Sagittarians are on a never-ending quest for knowledge—you’re explorers of everything. You never stop asking questions and every life experience is an opportunity to learn new skills, lessons, and facts, making you an excellent trivia player. Plus, you get along with just about anyone and people can always count on you to tell them the truth.

Recommended Playlist:

If life is one long exploration, then add these titles to your quest. Just like you, these characters are thirsty for knowledge, curious about the world, and, in one case, literally hunting for clues.

Miriam’s Big American Adventure

Made in Italy

All This Panic

Martha: A Picture Story

Year of the Rabbit