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What to Watch If You’re a Taurus

Illustration by Katerina Demyanovskaya / Shutterstock


(April 20-May 20)

Personality: Stable, calm, grounded, and steadfastly reliable.

Tauruses are comfort creatures through and through, whether that means staying in and lounging on the couch or having the same routine every day for your entire life. You crave stability and tranquility, and take pleasure in the steadiness of nature. But like the bull that you are, you can also be stubborn and will buck at anything that threatens your routine.

Recommended Playlist:

Hate change? So do these characters. From a family of traditional beekeepers to not one, but two strong matriarchal figures, their stubbornness will make Tauruses feel seen.

The Wonders

The Maid

The Second Mother

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Hello I Must Be Going

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