We want to feature your pettiest stories!

Call in and tell us about your pettiest moments, or the pettiest true-life stories you’ve ever heard, and we may post them here!

Pick up the phone and get real P-E-T-T-Y!*

That time you punished your roommate for eating your food by baking a cake with your toenails in it.


That time you left a note on someone’s windshield that just said “you are ugly” because they parked too close to your car.



That time you were shipwrecked from the Titanic and didn’t share the door you were floating on.


That time you caused a traffic nightmare at the George Washington Bridge to get back at a mayor you hated.


Please leave your pettiest story and we may feature it on Topic.com and Topic social media. Don’t forget to leave your first name and where you’re calling from, but please do not leave your last name or any other identifying information, and please keep your story to 60 seconds.

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Thank you for participating!

That number again is (929) 335-4392.

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