Ways To Watch Topic

Watch Topic anywhere, anytime using your favorite streaming video device

Watch Topic from your Mac or PC


Download the Topic App to your Device

Amazon Fire TV: https://go.topic.com/amazonfire Android: https://go.topic.com/android AndroidTV: https://go.topic.com/android AppleTV, iPhone (iOS), iPad (iOS): https://go.topic.com/apple Chromecast: available in our iOS and Android apps Roku: https://go.topic.com/roku

Add Topic to your Channels

Amazon Prime Video Channel: https://go.topic.com/amazonchannels AppleTV Channel: https://go.topic.com/appletvchannels Bell Fibe: https://go.topic.com/bellfibechannels Roku Channel: https://go.topic.com/rokuchannels

Sample Topic for free

Xumo Channel 314: https://www.xumo.tv/channel/9999741/topic

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