Miss strolling through the streets of Paris? Want to brush up on your French? Or just want to watch a great crime thriller, character driven film, off-beat comedy or a documentary Michel Gondry made about his family? Here are Topic’s picks from France.
1. Baron NoirFranceThriller Suspense3 SN | 24 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A political strategist vows revenge after taking the fall to save a presidential candidate's campaign.

WHAT  A dark drama about what it takes to succeed in politics.

WHY  Kad Merad was nominated for a Best Actor award at the 2017 International Emmy Awards.

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2. He Even Has Your EyesFranceComedy1 SN | 6 EPS

Paul and Sali Aloka, a Black couple, have a white adopted son, Benjamin, and a biological son, Noé. They might not look like an ordinary family, but they’re happy—until Paul’s father shows up and prompts Benjamin to search for his birth parents.

3. IrresponsableFranceComedy3 SN | 30 EPS

When 31-year-old man-child Julien learns he has a teenage son, he embraces fatherhood by winning his son’s affections with joints and video games. Can he step up to the plate as a dad if he’s still a kid himself?

4. IskanderFranceThriller Suspense2 SN | 10 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Rookie cop Chloé, a new arrival to French Guiana, investigates the ritualistic double murder of a French couple and their missing son.

WHAT  What begins as a police procedural quickly takes a turn as the story moves from tin-shack favelas to the heart of the jungle and voodoo rituals.

WHY  Iskander dives into the mysticism and specificities of French Guiana from the point of view of a French girl.

5. Les SauvagesFranceThriller Suspense1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  On the brink of a historic election, someone attempts to assassinate France's leading candidate for president. The aftermath will roil the country and divide a family.

WHAT  A family drama about identity, with politics as the setting.

WHY  The entire series unfolds in just one week's time, creating fast pacing and suspense.

6. NoxFranceCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  When her police officer daughter disappears, retired cop Catherine embarks on a race against time to find her.

WHAT  Crime thriller set in the sewers and catacombs of Paris.

WHY  Top French actors; Inspired by Heart of Darkness, Seven & True Detective.

7. ParlementFranceComedy2 SN | 20 EPS
Season 2 Just Added

Politics are no laughing matter, but in this satire, the entire European Parliament is a joke. New assistant Samy fumbles his way through reports and amendments, his boss literally runs away from work, and grown officials throw ragers over Brexit.

8. PhilharmoniaFranceCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

Hélène returns to Paris to conduct a prestigious orchestra. On top of proving herself in a male-dominated field, now she must dodge a deadly curse and clear her name. Lethal secrets merge with soaring symphonies in this sexy psychological thriller.

9. The Last PanthersFranceCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

After a diamond heist leaves a person dead, detectives find themselves plunged into Europe’s seedy underworld. In the hunt for answers, a web of conspiracies is uncovered, encompassing bankers to drug traffickers and beyond. Starring Samantha Morton.

10. The RopeFranceDrama1 SN | 3 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A mysterious, and seemingly endless, rope appears in a remote forest where scientists are working. Each will face the consequences of staying or following the rope.

WHAT  Adapted from a French novel written by the German author Stefan aus dem Siepen.

WHY  The director specifically selected actors from different countries, allowing them to showcase their individual styles.

11. Women UndercoverFranceDocumentary1 SN | 6 EPS

Against an animated backdrop, journalist Chloé Aeberhardt interviews female spies from the Cold War-era, angling to dispel myths that women rely on their femininity and sexuality to obtain essential intelligence and acts of political espionage.

12. 35 Shots of RumFranceDrama1 Hour 41 Mins

Widely hailed as one of the best films of 2009, Claire Denis' sublime drama is the moving story of a father and daughter whose close-knit, tender relationship is disrupted by a handsome young suitor. Featuring an evocative score by Tindersticks.

13. Far From MenFranceDrama1 Hour 42 Mins

Set in French Colonial Algeria, the film follows Daru, a reclusive, pacifist, Algerian-born French teacher of Spanish descent (Viggo Mortensen) tasked with delivering Mohammad, a docile Algerian murder suspect (Reda Kateb), into the hands of French authorities as the Algerian War of Independence ignites.

14. La FrenchFranceDrama2 Hours 15 Mins

SYNOPSIS  A police investigator finds his whole world crumbling as he attempts to take down a powerful drug ring ruling Marseille in the 1970s.

WHAT  An impeccable re-creation of the gritty and glamorous sides of 1970s France.

WHY  Audience Award – World Cinema winner at the Sarasota Film Festival.

15. NocturamaFranceDrama2 Hours 11 Mins

The new film by Bertrand Bonello (Saint Laurent, House of Pleasures) is a terrorism thriller like no other. We follow a group of adolescents as they prowl the streets of Paris, learning that they’re underway with a bombing plot. And then it becomes something familiar, yet altogether different, as these subversives tuck away inside a shopping mall and lose themselves in consumer culture. Will they survive the encroaching authorities? Or, as the walls close in, will they even survive each other?

*Some titles may not be available in Canada