United Kingdom & Ireland

1. CapitalUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

One day, the street’s residents all receive an anonymous postcard through their front doors bearing a simple message: “We want what you have”. Who is behind the anonymous hate campaign and what do they want? As the mystery of the postcards deepens, interweaving stories reveal lives filled with love and loss, fear and greed, fortune and envy, and, at its heart, family and home.

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2. Catching A KillerUnited KingdomDocumentary1 SN | 5 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A gripping documentary series featuring investigators from the Thames Valley Police Department as they solve actual murder cases.

WHAT  Fans of true crime will love this unfiltered look at what it takes to find a killer and bring closure to those in mourning.

WHY  Won awards from the Royal Television Society, BAFTA, Broadcast Awards Shortlist, and Televisual Bulldog Awards.

3. ChimericaUnited KingdomThriller Suspense1 SN | 4 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Returning to China in 2016, a disgraced photojournalist contemplates how much the world has changed since he took the photo that made him famous in 1989.

WHAT  Inspired by real events, this fictionalized drama forces viewers to consider how news is packaged for our consumption.

WHY  Adapted from the award-winnning play by British playwright Lucy Kirkwood.

4. Come HomeUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 3 EPS

When Marie mysteriously leaves home, the repercussions are enormous. But when secrets are revealed from the past, both Marie and her husband Greg realize they can’t just walk away from their lives.

5. DeceitUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

SYNOPSIS  An undercover officer attempts to coerce a confession out of a suspect, eventually leading to the arrest of an innocent man.

WHAT  A police procedural told from a female perspective.

WHY  Based on a real entrapment case from 1992. The officer's identity has never been revealed.

6. Hunting the Essex Lorry KillersUnited KingdomDocumentary60 Mins

A 911 call from a delivery truck driver leads to the discovery of 39 deceased Vietnamese migrants. This documentary looks inside the perils of human trafficking in what became the UK’s largest international smuggling ring bust.

7. The KleptocratsUnited KingdomDocumentary1 Hour 23 Mins

A hot shot Malaysian financier backs New York and Hollywood A-listers, including the cult classic, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” But when investigative journalists follow the money trail, they expose a $3.5 million government embezzlement scam.

8. The Missing ChildrenUnited KingdomDocumentary1 SN | 3 EPS

SYNOPSIS  An extraordinary true crime story that exposes the Catholic Church’s involvement in the trafficking, neglect and suspicious deaths of babies born to unwed mothers.

WHAT  Stories of some of the survivors of the Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam, Ireland.

WHY  Tuam is just one of 18 such mother and baby homes investigated across Ireland.

9. Murder at the CottageIrelandDocumentary1 SN | 5 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A documentary presenting original evidence and previously unseen footage in an effort to revive the still-unsolved murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in 1996.

WHAT  The main suspect was tried and convicted in Paris in absentia in 2019. He maintains his innocence and still resides in Ireland.

WHY  Filmmaker Jim Sheridan has been nominated for six Oscars.

10. RunUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

Carol is a tough single mother striving to keep her family together. Richard is a recovering heroin addict who spends every day struggling to stay clean. Ying is a vulnerable immigrant living in the country illegally. Kasia is a young Polish woman who came to London filled with hope. Raw and uncompromising, but full of humanity and hope, RUN is a powerful take on inner city life and how every choice we make has consequences for those around us.

11. The VirtuesUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

Stephen Graham stars as Joseph, a moral yet troubled man who’s lost everything. He’s compelled to travel to Ireland to confront the demons from a childhood spent in the foster care system. His path crosses with Dinah, a fiery and deeply guarded person who’s hiding a secret. Joseph and Dinah spiral out of control as they try to ground themselves and their self-indulgence, traumatized by their own harrowing histories. Neither thought their situation would tangle into a delicate love story.

12. Year Of the RabbitUnited KingdomComedy1 SN | 6 EPS

Detective Inspector Rabbit is a loud, brash, one-eyebrowed copper who shoots better when he drinks. He and his partners, a doofy rookie and a smart young woman trying to prove women can be cops, solve a murder and make a ruckus in Victorian London.

13. 20,000 Days of EarthUnited KingdomDocumentary1 Hour 37 Mins

A unique and spell-binding musical documentary drama, 20,000 Days On Earth explores a fictitious 24-hour period in the life of Australian musician and songwriter Nick Cave during the recording of his 2013 album Push The Sky Away.

14. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial KillerUnited KingdomDocumentary1 Hour 33 Mins

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer looks at notorious female serial killer Aileen Wuornos’ violent, tortured childhood in Troy, Michigan and her subsequent years on the road as a hitch-hiking sex worker which culminated in the murders. In her last interview before her 2002 execution, conducted by Broomfield at Aileen’s request, she said she believed her mind was being controlled by radio waves.

15. Penny Slinger: Out of the ShadowsUnited KingdomDocumentary1 Hour 34 Mins

The untold story of feminist surrealist artist Penny Slinger and the traumatic events that led to her masterpiece, “An Exorcism.” Inspired by 1960s counterculture, Slinger embraced personal freedom and sexual liberation in her groundbreaking art.

16. The Drummer and The KeeperIrelandDrama1 Hour 33 Mins

They don’t have much in common, but that’s their strength. A rock and roll drummer with bipolar disorder and a teen with Asperger’s strike up the unlikeliest of friendships in this tender dramedy that portrays mental illness with heart.

17. The Image You MissedIrelandDocumentary1 Hour 13 Mins

Drawing on over 30 years of never-before-seen imagery, the documentary weaves together the history of the Northern Irish Troubles, the story of a son's search for his father, and the tension between personal and political responsibility.

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