Travel to Scandinavia With These 4 Stories From Finland


America may be a melting pot of myriad ethnicities and cultures, but this beautiful diversity that we love so much is often left out of our entertainment options. You can probably scroll for hours through most streaming services and never see certain countries represented. We’re here to change that. One of our favorite aspects of searching for new movies and shows is traveling the world to find them, especially finding stories from countries we rarely get to see in America or Canada.

Today we’re highlighting Finland, land of breathtaking natural beauty, culturally rich cities, and wild reindeer. When was the last time you saw a movie or a show from Finland? If you have to think about it, it’s either been too long or it never happened. At Topic, we have not one, but four amazing titles from the Scandinavian country. So stamp your Topic passport and travel with us to Finland.

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Arctic Circle

The name says it all. This mystery series is set in the very northern reaches of Finland, in the frozen, but beautiful Lapland region. The show follows a Finnish police officer and a German virologist who must track a serial killer and contain a deadly virus at the same time, all the while trekking through gorgeous, stark white snowy landscapes — by snow boot and by snowmobile. Seriously, what American show offers semi-regular thrilling snowmobile chase scenes?

Blind Donna

If you prefer a more cosmopolitan setting, “Blind Donna” follows a visually impaired woman living in Helsinki who sets out to find her ideal man after being ditched by her husband. Viewers will follow along on Donna’s dating misadventures and get to see what city living is like in Finland. She visits cafes, dimly lit dive bars, and charming bistros, making it clear that everyone across the globe choose the same date spots. Just as universal? Awkward first dates.

Invisible Heroes

This story may not take place in Finland, but the protagonist is a Finnish diplomat and a hero that the world needs to know about. In 1973, Tapani Brotherus defied his government to stand up to tyranny and ended up saving 2,000 Chilean refugees during Pinochet’s bloody military coup. So why haven’t we heard of him before? Let’s do Finland a solid and give this man the recognition deserves. Get to know Brotherus’ story.

Jarkko and Deaf America

Here’s a refreshing intersection of perspectives you likely won’t find anywhere else. “Jarkko and Deaf America” follows Finnish man Jarkko Keränen, who is hearing impaired, as he travels across America meeting other people who were born deaf like him. Not only is this an eye-opening cultural exchange, but viewers will get the chance to see how the hearing impaired have been able to thrive in their communities, from San Francisco to Austin. It’s an inspiring watch all around.