The Messenger: Full Credits

The Messenger is an Audible Original, Produced by Topic Studios and Chalk & Blade.

Presented by

Shiv Malik

Executive Producers for Topic Studios

Maria Zuckerman

Christy Gressman

Lisa Leingang

Leital Molad

Executive Producers for Chalk & Blade

Ruth Barnes

Laura Sheeter

Executive Producer for Audible

Andrew Eisenman

Produced and Sound Engineered by

Pete Sale

Additional Production by

Hester Cant

Lily Ames

Theme Song by

Pascal Wyse

Legal Counsel

Kay Murray

Alex Jiga

Post Production for Topic Studios

Olivia Marsh

Special Thanks

Lizzie Jacobs

Adam Cecil

Acquisition and Development

Stella Mowen

Vice President of Audible Studios

Mike Charzuk

Editor-in-Chief, Audible Original Publishing

David Blum