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The Many Meanings of ‘Code Red’

The Many Meanings of ‘Code Red’

What does the internet tell us about the meanings of the term “code red”?

IN RESEARCHING STORIES FOR THIS ISSUE, we found ourselves returning to a familiar (if somewhat déclassé) resource: Urban Dictionary. In fact, we were so taken with the variety of definitions for Topic’s November theme, we decided to illustrate some of the best ones. All the scenes below come from Urban Dictionary’s crowdsourced, totally unconfirmed, and frequently obnoxious entries. For a full look at the multiple meanings of “code red,” go here.

DEFINITION #7: This is the secret phrase for menstruation.


DEFINITION #8: Another way of saying red Mountain Dew.

CODE RED DEFINITION #11: When something goes wrong with a boy.

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DEFINITION #5: A Slurpee poured down someone’s pants.

DEFINITION #3: The act of avoiding a person.

DEFINITION #13: To abandon social media, probably for some peace of mind.

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