The Bridge

9 of 10

Episode 9

SwedenCrimeTV-MA58 Mins

As Martin grapples with issues at home, he and Saga finally put the puzzle pieces together to pinpoint the identity of the killer, who turns out to have a long history with Martin. Could the killer’s ultimate plan be a personal one?



Puk Scharbau, Rafael Pettersson, Sofia Helin, Dag Malmberg, Maria Kulle, Sarah Boberg, Henrik Lundström


Rumle Hammerich, Charlotte Sieling, Lisa Siwe, Kathrine Windfeld, Henrik Georgsson, Morten Arnfred


Nikolaj Scherfig, Maren Louise Käehne, Veronica Zacco, Björn Stein, Camilla Ahlgren, Måns Mårlind, Veronica Zacco, Hans Rosenfeldt, Torleif Hoppe, Astrid Øye, Morten Dragsted, Erik Ahrnbom

Executive Producers

Piv Bernth, Anders Landström, Wolfgang Feindt, Tone Rønning, Lars Blomgren, Birgitte Hald, Ralf Ivarsson, Bo Ehrhardt, Alexander Vandeputte, Jan Declercq


Carl Sundberg


Patrick Austen, Sofia Lindgren
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