The Accidental Wolf Sated My Appetite for Secrets


I’ve always had a special fascination with state secrets and the idea that things are going on in the world that the average person has no conception of. So it makes sense that I’ve loved every season of The Accidental Wolf. There’s something special about the final season of a suspenseful show. How much will be revealed, and how much will stay hidden? How will the series maintain its momentum? Will you love or hate the ending? Every viewer will react differently, but I can say it’s definitely worth watching The Accidental Wolf Season 3, out November 10th, to find out.

In seasons one and two, we followed bored Manhattan housewife and new mom Katie Bonner as she grew increasingly involved with a shadowy mystery – was it a conspiracy, a tormenter, or a scam?

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Kelli O’Hara “Katie” in The Accidental Wolf

It all began with a disturbing phone call. It’s a wrong number in more than one sense – though Katie’s house is definitely not the intended target, something is also very wrong on the other end of the line. A panicked man seesaws back and forth between pleading for his life from someone off-screen and begging for help from whoever answered the phone. Katie hears the names Zuhair and Tala as bombs and gunshots go off in the background.

From there, Katie went from a listless new mom in Manhattan to amateur investigator on the hunt for a mystery too wide for her to comprehend. Although authorities showed up at Katie’s house nearly immediately to tell her the call was a hoax, she smells a rat and refuses to put down the stench.

As the series continues, it becomes clear that Katie needs a wake-up call (so to speak) from her privileged existence and that this is the first time she’s truly confronted with how many people are living horrifying realities worldwide.

Meanwhile, Katie’s husband, mother, and father-in-law grow frustrated as they first believe she’s been taken in by a phishing scam and then begin to think she’s having a mental breakdown. The viewer is never exactly sure who is right. Is Katie fit to care for her daughter in her frenzied and paranoid state? Why is everyone so adamant that Katie’s suspicions are false?

Mike Doyle, James Naughton, Cast in The Accidental Wolf

Details begin to emerge about a shadowy organization operating out of the African country Sierra Leone called Angelware – but whenever someone discovers a meaningful piece of evidence, they’re cut off at the pass. Katie gets a slip of paper with an address from a woman hidden in the back of a bodega who goes only by RAM, but then the woman tells Katie never to contact her again. (A tragedy for the viewer – we want more than one scene with the marvelous Laurie Metcalf!) Drones begin to follow Katie as she searches new locations – or do they?

At the end of season 2, Katie meets a distressed woman in a shady Staten Island location who may just be the elusive Tala – but we don’t know for sure.

Kelli O’Hara & Marsha Stephanie Blake in The Accidental Wolf

I wished I could watch the entire series with fresh eyes, imagining the fun of experiencing the entire show in one fell swoop. Luckily, seasons 1 and 2 are available, so you can do a full series binge if you have the time. If you’re like me, you’ve spent the time since seasons 1 and 2 debating internally about which theories might be true and which were red herrings designed to lead us off the beaten track.

There were lots of open questions after seasons 1 and 2, so viewers will be gratified to see how much is revealed in season 3. Not everything is explained, but there are so many rich details and hidden connections that tie together forgotten moments that the viewer can build a mental map of the show as a whole.

Is the government involved? How did the police know to knock on Katie’s door all the way back in season 1? Are humans being trafficked or used as test subjects? How much of the conspiracy is in Katie’s head? Is the terrifying Ebola virus somehow involved? Have we met the villains at the top of this pyramid yet? And, of course, we can’t forget — WHO is Tala?

Paul Sparks, Peter Friedman, Michael Chernus + Cast, The Accidental Wolf

Something amazing about the show is how similar Katie’s POV is to the viewer, while the other characters in the show are often left in the dark. Sometimes they’re not given any information, and other times they’re purposefully pulling the wool over their own eyes. We’re given the same clues as Katie, and we’re also sharing her same frustrations as other characters attempt to write off her passion as crazy conspiracy-mongering. Writer and director Arian Moayed (Succession, Inventing Anna, Spiderman: No Way Home) has said that he purposefully infused the show with feminism, and you can see it in Katie’s fight to be taken seriously and her refusal to engage in pushing human rights issues under the rug.

Judith Ivey “Nancy” in The Accidental Wolf

Judith Ivey is more in her groove as Nancy than ever before. Though her and Katie’s relationship hasn’t always been easy, she comes out swinging as a real mama bear (and, of course, grand-mama-bear of sweet little Mary) and fiercely defends Katie as the media become increasingly suspicious of her sanity. Plus, there’s more wine-momming and epic one-liners.

Former villains return as allies, and new dark figures prove more dastardly than the ones before. People in Katie’s orbit show their true colors, and we realize just how many people are willing to cover up wrongdoings in the name of the status quo.

Aasif Mandvi in The Accidental Wolf

Moayed (Stewy, for any Succession, heads out there) makes a cameo appearance in the final season – but I won’t spoil his on-camera moment! I promise it’s a good one. He’s not the only fun cameo for NYC talent buffs. Moayed and Kelli O’Hara met on Broadway, and they brought along tons of fun actors for bit parts in the series. Steven McKinley Henderson (Dune) delivers Katie a prophet-like omen. Jayne Houdyshell (Only Murders in the Building) attempts to help Katie and her husband resolve their issues as their marriage counselor. Justin Bartha (The Hangover,) Peter Friedman (another Succession pal,) Louis Cancelmi (Billions), Aasif Mandvi (Evil) and Ashley Park (Emily in Paris) also make appearances.

You’ll find yourself with ample storytelling to answer the show’s central question: who is the wolf, and who is the prey?

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