10 Suspenseful Thriller Shows That Are Like ‘24’


Forget sitting back and relaxing. Forget looking at your phone in between scenes. Forget blinking. If you like your shows to put you on the edge of your seat, push your heart into your throat, and completely glue you to the screen, then your favorite genre might be the race-against-time thriller. There’s something so addictive about watching the seconds count down on a bomb while the hero decides which wire to cut, or not knowing if the hostage will survive because finding them is utterly impossible. It’s stressful, but that’s how we like it. The more difficult the mission and the higher the stakes, the more captivated we are. If you count shows like “24” and films like “Run Lola Run” among your favorites, then we’re thrilled to present to you ten series that will have you back on the edge of your seat, with your eyes transfixed and your adrenaline coursing.

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“If the lights go back on, your daughter dies.” This is the message that the prime minister of Belgium receives just as the country is swallowed in darkness. Now she’s faced with an impossible choice: save her daughter or save her nation. Unable to go to the authorities, she’ll have to launch a secret investigation in a country that’s now off the grid while maneuvering her government to keep the power off. Will she be able to carry out the investigation before her colleagues catch on? More importantly, can she save her daughter before Belgium is plunged into paralysis and chaos?

Arctic Circle

When a dying sex worker is found in a remote cabin with a deadly virus inside of her, Finnish police officer Nina and German virologist Thomas team up to track the killer and stop the spread of infection before it becomes a full-blown pandemic. Simple, right? Not when their investigation leads them into a dangerous web of sex trafficking, Russian oligarchs, and biological warfare. Bundle up, hold on tight, and join Nina and Thomas’ snowmobile ride through the frozen landscapes of Finnish Lapland and western Russia in search of the truth.


Three years ago, Dutch Special Forces Commander John de Koning led a rescue mission in Nigeria that went horribly wrong. Now retired from the military, he’s focused on family life and has put the past behind him...but can one really escape war entirely? When he has a chance reunion with an old enemy from the mission, his past will come back to haunt him and put his former platoon brothers back in the crosshairs. As the hunters become the hunted, John will have to reenter the life of death and destruction he tried to leave behind to save his platoon before it’s too late. Outrunning a mysterious killer is one thing, but can you outrun PTSD?

The Accidental Wolf

Katie lives a life of privilege in her upscale Manhattan apartment, but one night a mysterious call will turn her entire world upside down. After answering an unknown caller, she finds herself on the line with a dying stranger pleading with her to help his pregnant wife, Tala. Just like that, her bubble is burst and Katie embarks on a search that could cost her everything. Soon her obsession to find Tala leads her into a dark web of medical experimentations, military cover-ups, and human trafficking. Without any idea of who Tala is, where she could be, or if she’ll even survive, is Katie really trying to find a stranger she’s never met or is she trying to destroy the woman she’s become?

Les Sauvages

Idder Chaouch was set to make history as France’s first president of North African descent, but a shocking assassination attempt on election night stops history in its tracks. Who wants him dead? The answer might lie closer to home than he thinks. Race, nationality, family, and politics all collide in this thriller that pits two families against each other with a group of individuals caught in the middle. As the investigation digs deeper into the families, it becomes chillingly clear that the assassination attempt may have just been the beginning.


Who is Tank Man? In 1989, the lone protester stood up against the tanks at Tiananmen Square and became an international symbol of resistance. Photojournalist Lee happened to capture the moment, and the iconic images would catapult his career. Nearly 30 years later, Lee’s career is in jeopardy, against a political background shaped by Trump and his campaign of sowing discord between the public and the media. He decides to return to China with a very personal mission: to track the identity of Tank Man. But will he be able to find him before the Chinese government does?

The Day

One bank heist, told through two perspectives: the robbers and hostages on the inside and the officers and negotiators on the outside. Does anyone really know what’s going on? Not really— least of all the viewers—as the story constantly twists and turns jumping from one perspective to the other. But one thing is clear: the negotiators will have to get through to the robbers before they carry out their plan, and before any hostages get hurt. But the closer the police get, the more impulsive the robbers become. The entire situation is one giant ticking time bomb that’s seemingly impossible to defuse.


Catherine Susini is a retired French cop, but she has to return to the force for a very personal last job. Catherine’s own daughter, Julie, a police officer herself, has disappeared underground in the catacombs of Paris. Julie and her team were deep in the catacombs chasing down some prolific bank robbers. The police force’s search for Julie is not up to Catherine’s standards, so she teams up with Julie’s partner, Raphael, to launch their own investigation. As they delve beneath Paris, they must race to find Julie before she disappears into the 300 kilometers of tunnels forever. Catherine reignites her sharp instincts and ragged intensity to unravel the secrets of her daughter's life, which reveal as much about the dark side of Paris as the catacombs themselves.


Four masked men break into a home and take a family hostage. They promise to let them go only if the matriarch of the family, Yael, kills her high-profile patient. Yael is scheduled to perform surgery on the prime minister of Israel the next day, but the kidnappers say they will only let her and her family go free if she intentionally ruins the surgery and the prime minister dies. Yael scrambles and stalls, working to delay the inevitable for as long as she can, plotting to buy more time as death threatens her loved ones. Her family doesn’t lay dormant — rather they also conspire to save themselves. But the kidnappers quickly grow frustrated, and the season careens towards Yael’s impossible choice: betray her country and her profession to save her family, or let her family die to save the prime minister?

When the Dust Settles

We’ve all seen how terrorist attacks affect society on a large scale, but how do they affect the individuals who experience them? When The Dust Settles acutely and jarringly explores this question through eight Copenhagen residents, following them in the days before and after a terrorist attack. The unique structure, jumping back and forth in time, brings an extra level of suspense to the already heightened sense of dread. As it is revealed that the characters lives are more connected than originally revealed, you’ll work to solve the mystery of how they have affected each others lives along with bracing for the inevitable horror of the terrorist attack itself.