Spain & Portugal

1. Killing the FatherSpainDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

Some fathers are the glue of the house; Jacobo Vidal is a wrecking ball. He loves his family, but he shows it by obsessing over their every move. Over 16 years, as the world changes and his kids grow up, his relentless ways could cost him everything.

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2. La Línea InvisibleSpainEpics Historical1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  The radicalization of young poet and university student into the ETA, ultimately becoming its leader and the first in the organization to commit a murder.

WHAT  Inspired by real events and the man who would become the leader of the Basque separatist group.

WHY  Received Best Miniseries and Best Screenplay nominations at the 2021 MiM Series Awards

3. MerlíSpainDrama1 SN | 13 EPS

He’s surly, unorthodox, unapologetically blunt, and he’s about to change your life. Meet the new philosophy teacher, Merlí, who will help his students view the world in a whole new light, both in and out of the classroom.

4. Horse MoneyPortugalDrama1 Hour 45 Mins

A mesmerizing odyssey into the real, imagined, and nightmarish memories of an elderly Cape Verdean immigrant living in Lisbon, set in both the numbing present day and the mid ‘70s, during Portugal's Carnation Revolution.

5. What Now? Remind MePortugalDocumentary2 Hours 45 Mins

Looking back on the life and work of Portuguese filmmaker Joaquim Pinto as he undergoes an experimental HIV treatment, the film is a beautiful portrait of a man looking beyond his own mortality at the world around him.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada