Soul City

United StatesThriller SuspenseTV-141 Season

New Orleans lore collides with dark magic in this horror anthology series. Created by Coodie & Chike and starring Chad Coleman, PJ Morton and Omar Dorsey, these “Twilight Zone”-style tales expose chilling corners of the Big Easy.



Chad L. Coleman, Omar J. Dorsey, Deneen Tyler, Mikaela Kimani Armstrong, Rhonda Johnson Dents, Peter Gabb, Dominique Duvernay, Tadasay Young, Dorian Crossmond Missick, PJ Morton


Coodie & Chike


Renso Amariz


Elsa Kern

Executive Producers

Jennie Bedusa, Mona Panchal, Anna Holmes, Ryan Chanatry, Jess Jacobs, Audrey Rosenberg
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