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Does it feel like you’ve seen everything there is to see on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and just about every other streaming platform? It’s been quite a year for binging, so who can blame you? Well, just when you think you’ve streamed it all, Topic has a vast catalog of highly bingeable series from around the world. We appreciate our subscribers’ voracious appetites for bold and thought-provoking programming, so we’ve taken the time to carefully curate each and every program for you. Want mysterious thrillers? We’ve got several stellar ones. Riotous comedies? We’ve got those too. To save you time on browsing, we’re bringing you the top five series that our subscribers are binging this week. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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Pagan Peak

Ritual-like killings, horned demons, the never-ending Alpine wilderness—enter the world of Pagan Peak. When a gruesomely staged body is found near the German-Austrian border, German detective Ellie must work with cynical and disillusioned Austrian inspector Gedeon to solve the case, which gets increasingly stranger as more bodies are found, reminiscent of pagan rituals, and a larger, more sinister plan starts to reveal itself.


When a Brussels bank is robbed, 66 deposit boxes are targeted. Why these 66? Police Inspector Paul Gerardi discovers that these particular boxes are connected in a major way: their owners are all members of Salamander, a mysterious organization of the country’s most powerful political, financial, judicial, and industrial figures. Between these 66 people are enough secrets to bring down the entire nation, so Gerardi’s investigation is bound to take some unexpected, and deadly, turns.

Lambs of God

If you liked “Midsommar,” then you will love this gothic fairytale. When three Catholic nuns living in a remote convent get an intruder who threatens their eccentric way of life, they keep him hostage and show him the meaning of hell on earth. Starring Essie Davis, Jessica Barden, and the inimitable Ann Dowd—in her wildest role yet—the miniseries has plenty of heartfelt, charming moments sprinkled throughout the story’s creepy, sinister buildup. Like a slow-burning witch’s spell, it will entrance you and stay with you long after the credits roll.

Arctic Circle

This series starts out with a dying sex worker found in a remote cabin, and only gets weirder from there. Not only is there a serial killer on the loose, but a deadly virus is also found in the victim’s body. Police officer Nina must track the killer and team up with virologist Thomas to also curb the outbreak before it becomes a full-blown pandemic. Expect lots of thrilling snowmobile chases in this thriller set against the frozen landscapes of Finnish Lapland.

Soul City

Ever wanted to see New Orleans? Here’s one way to visit. From the visionary directors Coodie & Chike (Kanye West’s “Through the Wire”), “Soul City” is a three-part horror anthology that takes you through the darker side of the Big Easy. The surprising power of a child’s imagination, dreams you don’t wake up from, and voodoo spells that come back to haunt you—it’s New Orleans lore at its finest, and most terrifying.