Rough Draft with Reza Aslan: Full Credits

Rough Draft is a Topic Original Series

Host Reza Aslan

Executive Producers Reza Aslan David Andreone Alfredo de Villa Safa Samiezade’-Yazd

Production Aid Russell Sperberg

Music and Theme Jacob Snider

Sound Sean Oakley

Mixing and Editing Will Stanton

Additional Editing Blake V


Executive Producers Ryan Chanatry Anna Holmes Gena Konstantinakos

Supervising Producer Jennie Bedusa

Business and Legal Affairs Julie Wolf Katie Bigley

Post-Production Olivia Marsh

Creative Stacey Politi Dwayne Lutchna Greg Boone Amy Chen


Executive Producers Philip Alberstat Steven Amato Jesse Rogg

Co-Executive Producer Hannah Davis Law

Line Producer Guillermo Dorado

Production Coordinator Edward Ellison