Episode 6

United StatesDocumentaryTV-1459 Mins

Local cops are trying to blame Krasner for a spike in crime, but it’s not that simple. At a town hall, a frustrated Krasner calls the cops liars and walks out. When a key Councilmember considers pulling her support, Krasner rethinks his approach.



LaTonya Myers, Lisa Harvey, Larry Krasner, Sultan Ahmad, Joseph Chamberlain, Harriet Ahmad, Maria Quiñones-Sanchez, Bob Listenbee


Ted Passon, Yoni Brook


Yoni Brook, Ted Passon, Nicole Salazar


Ted Passon, Yoni Brook, Michael Gottwald, Nicole Salazar, Josh Penn

Executive Producers

Lois Vossen, Patty Quillin, Jeff Seelbach, Ryan Chanatry, Gena Konstantinakos, Sally Jo Fifer, Dawn Porter


Jim Hession, Dita Gruze, Hemal Trivedi, Adriana Pacheco, Rubin Daniels Jr.
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