5 Series about Outsiders That You will Root For

It’s not easy being an outsider, finding yourself in a strange place with unfamiliar faces and without the comforts of home. And at some point in our lives, we’ve all found ourselves feeling like a fish out of water. That’s why there’s a certain pleasure in rooting for an outsider as they navigate their new world and gradually figure out how to master it. Here are some of our favorites to watch on their epic journeys from the outside in.
Katie receives a phone call that will change her life.

Katie Bonner from The Accidental Wolf

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Katie is used to being an insider in Manhattan, where she’s lived a pretty unremarkable life as a privileged, bored housewife. But when she finds herself on the receiving end of a mysterious phone call in which she believes she hears a man’s murder and his dying plea to “Help Tala,” she’s thrust into a whole new world of subterfuge, politics, and a military coverup in Sierra Leone. Watching Katie in her designer clothes abandon life as she knows it and do whatever it takes to investigate is exhilarating and inspirational.

Rookie cop, Chloé learns the ropes the hard way on her first homicide case.

Chloé Bresson from Iskander

It’s not just her fair skin that prevents Parisian rookie cop Chloé from fitting in on her new assignment in French Guiana. It’s her first major case, her new commissioner tells her, “You must have done something wrong for your boss to send you here,” her new partner Dialo hates her, and the locals refuse to talk to her. As she and Dialo try to solve a mysterious murder case that involves cultural references, religious rites and politics that she doesn’t understand, Chloé realizes she’s even more of an outsider than she realized. Despite everything stacked against her, somehow she persists.

Camille returns home not realizing what she is walking into.

The Living Dead on The Returned

Perhaps there aren’t any greater outsiders than the titular people in The Returned, who reappear in their small French village and discover they’ve been dead for years. In addition to convincing friends and loved ones that they’re indeed themselves and very much alive, the returned group must come to terms with their new reality and the fact that the world has moved on without them. With its layered mystery and complex characters, The Returned may have you questioning whether it’s always a good idea to let outsiders in.

Tina uses her access and invisibility as a cleaning lady to discover state secrets.

Tina from Helvetica

No one really notices Tina - a wife, 40-something mother of two, cleaning lady, and…double agent? When her father’s shady business partners come to collect his debts and threaten her family, Tina has no choice but to fall into the strange and dangerous world of espionage. Can this outsider, armed only with her cleaning supplies and her cunning, work her way into Swiss politics well enough to prevent an international hostage crisis in Yemen? It’s certainly thrilling to watch her try.

Catherine discovers some disturbing information.

Catherine Susini from Nox

Retired cop Catherine Susini has never been one to fit in, always doing things her own way. This didn’t exactly ingratiate her to her superiors on the police force nor to her family, but it will come in handy when she starts searching for her missing police officer daughter, Julie, last seen in the expansive catacombs beneath Paris. Catherine will need all her fine-tuned outsider skills as she descends into Paris’s dank and disturbing underbelly, where the dead bodies are piling up and something feels eerily supernatural. Part crime drama, part horror, Nox will leave you feeling grateful for the cozy safety of your couch.