Otherworldly October: Celebrating the Seen and Unseen


Do you feel that? There’s a spirit in the air, full of vibrancy, light and power, making us feel alive. It’s our favorite time of year, where living and dead, the seen and unseen, are reunited. In this supernaturally spectacular month, we embrace communing with spirits, exploring sacred rituals and phenomena, and telling mind-bending stories. Enjoy this collection of films and series that allow us to feel closer to those who have departed and make us rethink what we know about death, souls, and life energy. Welcome to Otherworldly October on Topic. It’s chillingly good.

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Beau Sejour (Sailboat)

The much anticipated second chapter of the Beau Sejour anthology is finally here. The season opens with Maurice discovering a man dead by suicide on his sailboat, the “Beau Séjour.” The only problem is, the newly deceased is Maurice. As he explores his new existence in between worlds, Maurice finds that his sins of the past seem to be haunting the present.

Soul City

Welcome to New Orleans, where dreams are real and magic is currency, so you best be careful what you wish for. This Topic Original series, set and shot in New Orleans, taps into the soul of the city to explore lore, myths, and the things that lurk in the dark. An 8-year old’s drawings with dark powers, a magical pillow that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, a deal that comes back to haunt a wealthy man. Anything can and does happen in Soul City.

The Grave

At its heart, The Grave is a murder mystery. The twist is, the victims are still alive. Multiverses, time-travel, and the paranormal are all part of the ride as detectives investigate a newly unearthed grave with three skeletons whose DNA match those of three living people. This mind blowing series will have you questioning what it means to be alive, what is real, and what truly endures through time.

Dead Mountain

Based on the de-classified files of the real-life case of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, Dead Mountain tells the story of a group of nine students who set out on a ski trek in the icy Ural Mountains of the Soviet Union in January 1959. Even though they were all well-experienced hikers, they never reached their destination. Conspiracy theories abound on how the students met their violent death – was it an avalanche, a KGB operation, the indigenous Mansi people, aliens, or perhaps a yeti? In this riveting thriller, Major Kostin, a KGB officer with a sixth sense and a haunted past, investigates the deaths and their unusual connection to his own mysterious history.


If you could achieve immortality, would you? What if you had to possess someone else’s life in order to do so? This supernatural thriller delves into past lives, corporeal possession, and all things paranormal. Intruders follows LAPD detective Jack Whelan as he investigates strange occurrences related to a string of attempted suicides, including his own wife’s possession by one of the intruders. With incredible performances by an exceptional cast including Mira Sorvino, Millie Bobbie Brown, and James Frain, Intruders will get under your skin.

Light from Light

This film is a soulful, intimate ghost story with nuanced performances by Jim Gaffigan as a grieving widower and Homeland’s Marin Ireland as the single mom and part-time ghost hunter hired to help him investigate his Tennessee farmhouse for paranormal activity. Somehow both completely natural and transcendental, Light from Light reminds us that magic is all around us.

Out of Time

Everyone loves a good time-travel story, but a time-travel ghost story? Sign us up. This indie film out of India has Sameer investigating his father’s strange disappearance and stuck in a never ending time loop. As he uncovers surprising facts from his childhood, Sameer gains a lesson on karma and learns the hard, shiver-inducing way that, “We can’t secure our future by running away from our past.”


Described by The Hollywood Reporter as a “highbrow creepfest,” this Sundance Film Festival official selection tells the stories of two separate women named Helen, both of Troy (New York). When an alleged meteor crashes to earth, it initiates a series of inexplicable, life-altering changes, plunging each of them into a terrifying descent into madness. What does the end of the world look like? According to H., it’s a series of ominous phenomena, punctuated by the appearance of black mares. Enigmatic, stylistic, and profound, this film stays with you.

Lambs of God

This gothic, gripping series dubbed a ‘future cult classic’ by the Guardian, features an international all-star cast including Essie Davis, Sam Reid, Jesssica Barden AND Ann Dowd. Three nuns, each a generation apart, live on an isolated island with their titular lambs, which they believe are reincarnations of their passed sisters. When a young priest with a hidden agenda arrives at their monastery and threatens their way of life, all hell breaks loose. This twisted fairytale delves into cults, religious rituals, and the meaning of faith, love and redemption.

Sakho & Mangane

Wry buddy-cop comedy? Check. Dark supernatural crime drama? Check. Using what must be black magic, two disparate genres combine beautifully to create Sakho & Mangane. Old-school stickler Sakho and young, brash rebel Mangane must work together to solve a series of mysterious killings involving tribal customs, sacred artifacts and international scandal in the bustling city of Dakar, Senegal in this delicious mix of cop dramedy, crime procedural and mystery.

Embrace of the Serpent

Ciro Guerra’s third film, shot in stunning black & white in the jungle between Colombia and Brazil, explores colonialism, mysticism, and tribal rituals. Inspired by the journals of two real-life explorers who traveled through the Amazon, Embrace of the Serpent tells the story of two scientists, thirty years apart, each seeking the yakruna plant and its mystical healing powers. Both scientists befriend Amazonian shaman Karamakate, the last of his tribe. As the scientists research the yakruna and learn from Karamakate, they uncover truths about themselves and the very nature of reality.