One Sky

A collaborative project with almost 90 artists and one instruction: look up.

On August 13, 2017, at precisely 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, 88 artists all over the world stopped what they were doing, looked up, and drew the sky. What each artist saw was unique to the time, the weather, and the place. The locations ranged from Tel Aviv to Brooklyn, Buenos Aires to rural Georgia. Some saw different hues of blue. Some saw black, pink, or gray. Some saw stars or clouds or fog or rain. Here it was summer. There it was night. In one place a fire left a heavy brown haze. Whatever sky the artist saw, they captured it on paper in their own unique style. They were, at that exact moment, separate skies. But when we view these drawings together, they become one far-stretching, simultaneous world view. They become a portrait of one shared sky.

—Wendy MacNaughton and Julia Rothman, co-founders of Women Who Draw

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[GMT-5] 1 Andrea D'Aquino, New York, NY 2 Aya Kakeda, Brooklyn, NY 3 Catia Chien, Brooklyn, NY 4 Gina Triplett, Philadelphia, PA 5 Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy, Catskill Mountains, NY 6 Julia Rothman, Vail's Gate, NY 7 Leah Goren, Rockaway Beach, NY 8 Lisa Brown, Cape Cod, MA 9 Loveis Wise, West Philadelphia, PA 10 Martha Rich, Philadelphia, PA 11 Melinda Beck, Brooklyn, NY 12 Miriam Martincic, Sugar Mountain, NC 13 Penelope Dullaghan, Indianapolis, IN 14 Rachael Cole, Brooklyn, NY 15 Rebecca Clarke, Long Island City, NY 16 Rosalyn Yoon, Pittsburgh, PA 17 Rumi Hara, Brooklyn, NY 18 Samantha Hahn, Brooklyn​, NY 19 Sarah Neuburger, Pinehurst, GA 20 Sarah Williamson, Brooklyn, NY 21 Vikki Chu, Brooklyn, NY 22 Virginie Egger, Montréal, Canada • [GMT-6] 23 Alison McDole, Stoughton, WI 24 Drue Wagner, Austin, TX 25 Jenny Volvovski, Chicago, IL 26 Kathiuska (Catalina Vásquez), Medellín, Colombia 27 Katie Turner, Nashville, TN 28 Lauren Nassef, Chicago, IL 29 Meera Lee Patel, Deerfield, IL 30 Renata Galindo, Mexico City, Mexico 31 Shelby Rodeffer, Chicago, IL • [GMT-7] 32 Carson Ellis, Missoula, MT 33 Chelsea O'Byrne, Vancouver, Canada 34 Eliane Mancera, Tijuana Beach, Mexico [GMT-8] 35 Alexandra Bowman, Oakland, CA 36 Amy Hevron, Seattle, WA 37 Diana Toledano, San Francisco, CA 38 Esther Pearl Watson, Joshua Tree, CA 39 Fin Lee, Temple City, CA 40 JGV, East Los Angeles, CA 41 Kaylani McCard, Fairfield, CA 42 Kelly Bjork, Seattle, WA 43 Kristina Micotti, San Jose, CA 44 Lisa Congdon, Portland, OR 45 Mariacoco, Arcata, CA 46 Min Heo, Cupertino, CA 47 Rachel Garrison, Los Angeles, CA 48 Roberta Klug, Los Angeles, CA 49 Tracy Subisak, Portland, OR 50 Wendy MacNaughton, San Francisco, CA [GMT 0] 51 Anjelica Roselyn, East London, United Kingdom 52 Carmen Segovia, Cedeira, Spain 53 Clara López, Bilbao, Spain 54 Grace Easton, Napsbury, UK 55 Maggie Li, London, United Kingdom• [GMT+1] 56 Basia Grzybowska, Ustka, Poland 57 Devon Holzwarth, Aachen, Netherlands 58 Irene Pérez, Barcelona, Spain 59 Leire Bueno, Getxo, Spain 60 Milja Praagman, Boxtel, the Netherlands 61 Nele Broenner, Berlin, Germany 62 Petra Eriksson, Bromma, Sweden 63 Xenya Shishkova, Münster, Germany 64 Yoss Sánchez, Paris, France • [GMT+2] 65 Henna Ryynänen, Oulu, Finland 66 Jesse Breytenbach, Cape Town, South Africa 67 Paula Rusu, Buftea, Romania [GMT+3 ] 68 Cynthia Merhej, Beirut, Lebanon 69 Natasha Dzhola, Moscow, Russia 70 Yali Ziv, Tel Aviv, Israel • [GMT+5] 71 Shamanthi Rajasingham, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka 72 Shruti Anand, Nainital, India [GMT+8] 73 Jianan Liu, Beijing, China 74 Kori Song, Peng Chau, Hong Kong [GMT+9] 75 petite maya.t, Seoul, Korea 76 Yura Osborn, Hayama, Japan [GMT+10] 77 Helena Leslie, Garran, Australia 78 Jessica Meyrick, Sydney, Australia 79 Sophie Beer, Brisbane, Australia [GMT+11] 80 Rachel Chew, Melbourne, Australia [GMT+12] 81 Marcelilla Pilla, Ohakune, New Zealand [GMT-1] 82 Amanda Baeza, Casais Galegos, Portugal [GMT-3] 83 Florencia Mir, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 84 Narges Mohammadi, Iran 85 Sonia Basch, Buenos Aires, Argentina [GMT-4 ] 86 Elsa Jenna, Montreal, Canada 87 Jihane Mazid, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 88 Kuukua Wilson, Kennesaw, GA

This project was conceptualized by the founders of Women Who Draw and created by Women Who Draw member artists.

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