Issue No. 07 | Near Future

Vision Quest

Now that we’ve rung in 2018, we think it’s safe to say: the future is now. And it’s a bit disquieting. In this issue, we look at the visions of people who want—nay, plan—to transcend their human forms, how urban populations will be commuting in coming years, and the strange and beautiful possible future for animals. Also, what if a future civilization discovered the remnants of humanity and decided to make a museum devoted to human history? We imagine that, too.


Luddites 808.4


Cory Doctorow: How Writing Fiction Can Influence the Future

The future is never far from Cory Doctorow’s mind. Here, the novelist and activist explains how a deep interrogation of computers and computing in fiction writing might help humanity sidestep the worst that technological progress has to offer.

3 minutes