Little Big Man

A late summer day as seen from the perspective of a young child.

we woke up
we went to the park
we played with our friends
we went to play sports and stuff
we went to the park with the yellow slide
we went home for dinner
we went to bed

Photographers and children share a purpose, making meaning (and magic) by seeing the world in new ways.

This assignment gave me a chance to reimagine the photographic process, while observing how children observe, what fascinates them, and from where and how they see.

I imagined a child who was younger than six, but older than a toddler, who was basking in good weather, moving through the outdoors, helping at home, gaining independence, enjoying the care of parents and siblings, and turning play into life.

My husband Jonathan Stockton, our children: Leopold (5) and Thomas (2.5), and some friends helped make these pictures. —Yola Monakhov Stockton

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