Watch Them Before They’re Gone

1. Blind DonnaFinlandComedy1 SN | 10 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: August 31st

Blind Donna is a fresh version of a romantic comedy, but at the same time it shows the dirty realities of the dating game. The style of the series is raunchy and politically incorrect: the impairment of the main character is not pitied, neither are her mistakes glorified. Blind Donna is full of twisted humour and embarrassment stretched to its limits.

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2. Jarkko and Deaf AmericaFinlandDocumentary1 SN | 5 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: August 31st

In the five-part series, Jarkko Keränen, who was born deaf, travels from Rochester on the west coast of the United States to Washington, Atlanta, Austin, Huntsville, and finally to San Francisco. On his trip, he meets with successful professionals who speak sign language. In Finland, such people have to contend with a thick glass ceiling.

3. Cinema DadaabKenyaDocumentary58 Mins
Last day to watch on Topic: August 31st

A glimmer of hope and the power of films. Dadaab is the world’s largest refugee camp and it is situated in the Kenyan desert. The camp consists of hundreds of thousands of refugees that have fled from Somalia and other war-torn African countries. Abdika Mohamed Ibrahim’s solution to hopelessness is stories – he runs a ”cinema” at the camp consisting of two TV screens side by side. The films help keep dreams alive: they create hope and broaden the worldview of those refugees.

4. MarquiseUnited StatesDocumentary7 Mins
Last day to watch on Topic: September 4th

The role that actor Marquise Vilsón plays onstage provides important lessons for his life everywhere else.

5. Sam, UndergroundUnited StatesDocumentary10 Mins
Last day to watch on Topic: September 4th

A beautiful portrait of a charismatic young New Yorker who sings in the subway for money.

6. Death in the TerminalIsraelDocumentary56 Mins
Last day to watch on Topic: September 5th

A terrorist attack at an Israeli bus terminal in 2015 provides the basis of this award-winning documentary. Death in the Terminal is a film that will cause you to question how people interpret the world around them, and the costs of their underlying biases.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada