6 Series Leaving Topic in October & November

1. StockholmIsraelComedy2 SN | 12 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: October 14th

A world-renowned economist and leading contender for this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics, is found dead in his bed one night. His body is discovered by four of his oldest and closest friends. But just before they call an ambulance, one of them has an idea: The announcement of the Nobel Prize winners is only five days away; What if they kept him “alive,” or in other words hid the fact of his death, for five days, giving him the chance to win the prize he wanted more than anything in the world?

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2. IntrudersUnited KingdomThriller Suspense1 SN | 8 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: October 30th

Jack Whelan is a former LAPD detective who is asked to investigate strange occurrences related to a string of attempted suicides. In Whelan's case, this process destroys his marriage when his wife's body is taken by an intruder. A serial killer named Marcus Fox comes back to life in the body of a little girl. Both souls fight for control, causing their memories to become confused.

3. Moses JonesUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 3 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: October 30th

The discovery of the bizarrely mutilated body in the Thames who seems to have been the victim of a ritualistic witchcraft killing sparks a wave of violence in London’s Ugandan exile community. DI Moses Jones is seconded to the case from Scotland Yard due to his cultural links with the local African community. Assisted by hopeful DS Dan Twentyman, he sets out to uncover the truth. Forced to ask himself tough questions about his cultural identity, Moses Jones embarks on a frightening quest.

4. Not Safe For WorkUnited KingdomComedy1 SN | 6 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: October 30th

Katherine is reluctantly relocated from London to Northampton as part of public spending cuts. Here she meets a disparate yet similarly disillusioned group of workmates. Together they must readjust to their new life, their new surroundings and an inescapable new surrogate family of colleagues. Full of black humor, razor-sharp dialogue and intricately-drawn relationships, this is a timely workplace comedy drama, laced with an acerbically surreal sensibility

5. The MiracleItalyCrime1 SN | 8 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: October 30th

The Special Forces raid the bunker of mob boss Molocco, but they find him on the floor covered in blood. In the kitchen, a statuette of the Virgin Mary is weeping blood. Prime Minister Pietromarchi is taken to a disused swimming pool where General Votta shows him the statuette: it’s weeping human blood, nine liters per hour; a miracle defying any law of physics. Police hematologist Sandra secretly takes a sample, the plasma of which she administers to her mother, who’s in a coma.

6. The OfficeUnited KingdomComedy2 SN | 14 EPS
Last day to watch on Topic: October 30th

From Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant comes this mockumentary about a British paper company in a drab industrial town that is run by a comically inept middle-manager dreams of stardom and who would rather be popular than effective. Meanwhile, his employees have their own inspired interactions. Full of painfully awkward cringe comedy, this legendary BBC comedy series inspired the American remake of the same name. Also stars Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis and Mackenzie Crook.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada