Jill Soloway: Checking the Third Box

Writer and director Jill Soloway is known for their groundbreaking Amazon series Transparent, about a Jewish family adjusting to a parent’s revelation that she’s transgender. Soloway’s series was based on their own experience with their parent, and Soloway (who prefers gender-neutral pronouns) dreams of a day when all bureaucracy acknowledges the full gender spectrum, making the world a safer space for those who don’t identify as “M” or “F.” Soloway says some people question their decision to identify as trans because it would be so much easier to identify as cis. But, they say, “I prefer the more political designation. I want to name my lack of privilege.” (This interview with Soloway was conducted in early October 2018, just a few weeks before it was reported that the Trump administration wants to define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective, and administrable.”)

4 minutes

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