Greece & Italy

1. Silent RoadGreeceCrime1 SN | 13 EPS

SYNOPSIS  The secrets and scandals of wealthy Athenian families come to light when their children are mysteriously kidnapped on the bus ride home from school.

WHAT  Inspired by the German legend The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

WHY  A suspenseful, slow reveal of the kidnapper's true agenda.

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2. ChristianItalyCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A low-level criminal feels stuck in his role with the local crime ring. When he discovers that the mysterious pain in his hands has a magical healing power, he decides to finally take charge of his own life.

WHAT  A mob thriller with supernatural elements.

WHY  "Tarantino-style" ~cineuropa

3. 1992: Berlusconi RisingItalyThriller Suspense1 SN | 10 EPS

Set in the midst of the political turmoil at the beginning of the 90s in Italy, which led to the collapse of the First Republic and the operation 'Mani Pulite'. Luca Pastore, a policeman, works side by side with Antonio Di Pietro in the service of the Mani Pulite pool. Investigating, arresting, interrogating. His aim is to put the Tangentopoli puzzle together, piece by piece.

4. 1993: Berlusconi RisingItalyThriller Suspense1 SN | 8 EPS

1993 picks up where the first season of 1992 left off, after the anti-corruption Clean Hands anti-corruption investigation has decimated Italy's main political parties. The 8-hour second season tracks the collapse of a political system and the chaos that results; out of the ashes will rise new right-wing parties, most prominently the Forza Italia party founded by media magnate Silvio Berlusconi.

5. 1994: Berlusconi RisingItalyThriller Suspense1 SN | 8 EPS

Italy changed for good in 1994. Leonardo Notte is all too aware of this. He pushed to see Berlusconi get into Palazzo Chigi: and while it’s not easy to win power, he finds holding on to it might be impossible; Meanwhile, Veronica Castello has decided she does not want to be a woman on the arm of powerful men, she wants to join Italy’s parliament. And, Pietro Bosco discovers he can’t shake his old bad habits. In 1994 everything changes, yet nothing really changes: it is the year of restoration.

6. Made in ItalyItalyDrama1 SN | 8 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A young woman takes a job at an Italian fashion magazine, placing her at the center of the fashion and feminist revolution of the 1970s.

WHAT  A visual feast for anyone who appreciates iconic Italian fashion.

WHY  70-80% of the featured fashion is authentic vintage from the era.

7. Gionatan with a GItalyDrama15 Mins

A young boy caught in an abusive household uses his street smarts to take matters into his own hands. When his plan to enlist a local tough guy goes awry, he ends up in even more trouble. But will it bring him closer to his mother?

*Some titles may not be available in Canada