It’s Scary Because It’s True - Fall 2022 Viewer’s Guide

These crimes may keep you up at night.

As the days get shorter, you’ll have more hours to watch great thrillers in the dark. And this Fall, we’re highlighting some of our favorite titles that are based on actual events. From documentaries and unsolved murders to conspiracy theories and well-known scandals, each title in our Fall Viewers’ Guide originated in reality. Read our featured article and then check out the previews below.

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Scripted Dramas


Inspired by an infamous case of entrapment that roiled the Met Police.

The London media and public are gripped by an unsolved murder of a young mother. Confident they have their suspect, Metropolitan Police send an agent undercover to get the killer to confess to the crime. Decades after the operation’s disastrous outcome, the undercover officer’s identity remains a secret.

Dead Mountain RUSSIA

A fact-meets-fiction thriller about an unsolved case that captivated conspiracy theorists for six decades.

Under strict orders of secrecy, Oleg, a KGB major, visits a small town at the base of the Ural Mountains. He’s there to investigate the mysterious deaths of nine experienced hikers up in the mountains. Isolated and unable to rely on anyone for support as he digs into the case, Oleg is plagued by his own traumas experienced during WWII.

The Dark Heart SWEDEN

Based on an actual missing person’s case that became a best-selling book in Sweden.

Powerful millionaires don’t usually disappear without a trace. But two years later, businessman Bengt still hasn’t been found or returned. The young investigator assigned to the case zeroes in on the daughter’s boyfriend and uncovers a dark web of family secrets and betrayal.

Baron Noir FRANCE

Drawing inspiration from real-life French political scandals and politicians who will stop at nothing to win.

Philippe sees a bright future ahead when it looks like his friend and political ally will win the French presidential election. But when the campaign is threatened by a scandal, Philippe takes the fall. Then he vows revenge. Rebuilding his career, Philippe will befriend anyone who can help him, and betray anyone who stands in his way.

La Línea Invisible SPAIN

Based on the life of the leader of a terrorist organization in the Basque region of Spain.

In the early 1960s, Txabi was an idealistic poet and university student living in Bilbao with a promising future. His life takes a major turn when he gets involved with the ETA. Eventually, Txabi crosses the invisible line into a life of violence, rising to the ETA’s top position at age 25.

State of Happiness NORWAY

The fictionalized origin story of Norway’s liquid gold rush of the 1970s.

The quiet life of a small fishing town in Norway changes when a major oil reserve is discovered off the coast of the North Sea. Oil money provides residents with new status and opportunities, but their interests often clash with those of the American visitors who represent the oil company.


Inspired by the real-life story of TV newscaster Christine Chubbuck.

To outsiders and viewers, it looks like Christine has an amazing career as a female newscaster in the 1970s. But behind the scenes she struggles with mental illness and with being taken seriously in a male-dominated industry. Her ultimate decision will shock everyone and change live television. Starring Rebecca Hall (Passing), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), and J. Smith-Cameron (Succession).

La French FRANCE

Inspired by the 1970’s French Connection drug trade.

Marseilles serves as a major hub for importing and exporting heroin. And one powerful gang rules over the city. As the gang’s crimes spread across Marseilles, one police officer in the organized crime unit is determined to take them down. But he’ll soon discover the strength of the forces working against him.


The Missing Children UNITED KINGDOM

A filmmaker interviews family and community members about a scandal involving a Catholic mother and baby home.

For almost 40 years a Catholic order of nuns ran a home for unwed mothers and their children in a small Irish town. Years after the home closed, a dark truth was revealed when the remains of hundreds of babies were found buried on the property. The scandal rocked the Catholic Church, as families connected to the home attempted to reconcile their faith and family story.

Murder at the Cottage IRELAND

Featuring newly unearthed footage in an infamous unsolved murder case.

In 1996, a French woman was found brutally murdered at her vacation home in Ireland. Despite international media coverage, the case remained unsolved for years. This documentary highlights original evidence and never-before-shared information, along with details about the 2019 trial of the main suspect in the case, a man who maintains his innocence despite being convicted in absentia.

Catching a Killer UNITED KINGDOM

An award-winning series featuring unprecedented access into actual police investigations.

Strip away the scripted drama and get an in-depth look at real police investigations. Each episode focuses on a different murder case as members of the Thames Valley Police Department collect evidence, formulate theories, and conduct investigations in search of a killer.