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The cracked vase. The peering eyes. Edward Gorey’s work is unmistakable. Goreytelling is a collection of five short animations using previously unpublished audio recordings of the late writer, artist, puppeteer, playwright, and designer. Gorey was best known for his pen-and-ink illustrations on everything from book covers to the opening credits of PBS’s long-running series Mystery! (He wrote and illustrated a lot of his own books, too—more than 100 of them, in fact, including The Doubtful Guest and The Gashlycrumb Tinies.)

In the 1990s, filmmaker Christopher Seufert, a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, struck up a friendship with Gorey and began work on a film about him. Now, some 17 years later, Seufert’s documentary, tentatively titled Gorey, is close to completion. The animation seen here is the work of son-and-father team Benjamin and Jim Wickey.

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