Get Lost with Topic - Summer 2022 Viewer’s Guide

Get lost this summer with these great titles.

Getting lost IRL is no fun – but there’s nothing better than staying home and getting lost in a great story. Luckily, we have all the shows you’ll ever need to get lost in this summer. Lay back, get your snacks, and immerse yourself in these spellbinding shows that offer crazy perspectives on getting lost in exotic locales, tantalizing mysteries, and the depths of the human mind. If you’re not traveling this summer, going around the world with Topic’s international programming is the next best thing. Get lost with Topic all summer long.

Get lost in the woods

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If you’ve ever gotten lost while hiking, you know the fear of losing your bearings in the woods. You’re probably not keen to repeat the experience anytime soon, but these shows offer the thrill of the woods from the safety of your couch.

The Killing DENMARK

Detective Sarah Lund is good at her job – so good that she becomes obsessed with her cases, for better or worse. The series opens with a hidden figure chasing a woman through the woods, and it only gets darker from there.

Dark Woods GERMANY

With a title like Dark Woods, you know there’s going to be some creepy stuff going down in the trees. Inspired by a real-life case, a police chief in Germany is haunted by the disappearance of his sister 30 years earlier.

Pagan Peak GERMANY

Set on the woodsy border of Austria and Germany, Pagan Peak is a twisted adaptation to The Bridge (Bron/Broen) universe. Detectives from the two countries team up to investigate seemingly ritualistic murders in the Alpine Wilderness.

Iskander, season 1 FRANCE

Iskander takes place in a more unusual woods: a tropical jungle. In that humid setting, Chloe works with an abrasive older cop to solve the murder of a French couple and find out if the couple’s missing son is still alive. See below for season 2!

Arctic Circle, season 2 FINLAND

Nina transfers to a new police unit to help find the killer of someone from her past, and things only get weirder from there. There’s a secret Russian hunting society and a murder of a famous athlete – plenty of twisted drama to get lost in – start with Season 1, listed below!

Get lost at sea

The sea is uniquely terrifying–just ask anyone who suffers from thalassophobia, or the intense fear of deep bodies of water. Even if you aren’t phobia-level afraid, you probably don’t relish the thought of being submerged in undiscovered waters. Getting lost at sea may be pretty rare in this day and age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience it on the screen.

Beau Sejour, season 2 BELGIUM

Maurice wakes up to an unforgettable sight at sea: his own lifeless body is hanging from the mast of his sailboat. He has to investigate his own murder from the ‘other side.’ Secrets abound as his family communicates with him beyond the grave.

State of Happiness NORWAY

Just when the search for oil in the North Sea of Norway seems to be proving fruitless, one last rig finds the jackpot of black gold. Drilling for oil at sea is no picnic–it’s very at odds with the idyllic picture most people have of Norway! As machines malfunction and weather threatens the lives of the oil rig workers, we see that the human cost of all that oil comes with a high price tag. Season two premieres on July 21st!

Get lost in a snowstorm

Snow is probably the last thing on your mind this summer – but if you’re sick of the heat, these shows will help you imagine stone-cold secrets and mysteries.

Arctic Circle, season 1 FINLAND

In Lapland, Finland, one of the coldest places on earth, a dying sex worker is found in the basement of a remote cabin. And, she’s carrying a deadly virus. A virologist and a detective team up to solve the murder, complete with snowmobile chases and a race to contain a mysterious sickness.

Dead Mountain RUSSIA

The suspicious deaths of a group of student hikers on the Dyatlov Pass may be the most famous unsolved mystery on a snowy mountain! This series reimagines the iconic true story and provides plenty of fictional drama to get lost in alongside information from the declassified files of the investigation.

Iskander, season 2 FRANCE

Season two sees Iskander moving from the tropical rainforest to a snowy archipelago in the North Atlantic. This remote island is Chloe’s hometown, and she returns to handle matters relating to her mother’s suicide – only to be thwarted by her brother becoming the lead suspect in a murder investigation.

Get lost in your thoughts

What better place to get lost than the creepy-crawly corners of your imagination? These thought-provoking, mind-bending series are the perfect thing to set your mind wandering all summer long.


Psychological profiling is all well and good when it’s used to catch a predator, Mindhunter-style, but what happens when getting inside a criminal’s mind goes hopelessly awry? Deceit follows the aftermath of a criminal profiling operation gone very, very wrong in a true-life murder investigation.

Prisoners of War ISRAEL

Three soldiers who were prisoners of war for seventeen years finally return to their homes in Israel – but nothing is as they remembered. When watching this series, you can’t help but imagine being thrust out of your life, separated from everything you know and love, and forced into a new reality. Watch Prisoners of War for a taste of this mind-bending shift in perception and circumstance.

Piece of my Heart FINLAND

Being confronted with the memories you’ve tried to forget is a recipe for getting emotionally lost. That’s what happens to Rita, a child protection agent who begins to spiral when a case hits too close to her own past traumas.

The Accidental Wolf UNITED STATES

Are conspiracies hiding all around us? In The Accidental Wolf, Katie is thrust from her ensconced life of privilege into a confusing hall of mirrors – is she discovering a military cover-up, a human trafficking ring, or is she imagining it all? The answers aren’t clear, so you’ll spend hours analyzing what could be really going on in this thriller.

Get lost in time

These reality-bending shows prove that time is a much bigger phenomenon than numbers on a clock. It’s easy to get lost for hours in the mysteries of how time affects people, especially when the supernatural gets involved.

The Grave ISRAEL

An earthquake opens a grave, and three skeletons are discovered – but the remains match the bodies of three people who are still alive. Your mind will be doing backflips to understand the logic of this universe where detectives investigate the future murders of men who are living and breathing.

The Returned (available for US audiences only) FRANCE

A small mountain town in France falls into chaos when several dead locals return to their homes, seemingly alive. What have the dead come back to tell us about our time on earth, and how did they get here? Those questions and more give you plenty to get lost in.


Often referred to as South Korea’s version of Black Mirror, each episode of SF8 brings intriguing questions about the possibilities of the future. Can a nurse robot be trusted to make ethical choices? How can the people who have become obsessed with an AI fortune-telling app be brought back to reality?

The Wordmaker ISRAEL

A doctor struggling with a sleep disorder begins to experience too much death, too close to home. Is his time spent sleeping really spent committing murder? Questioning his very sanity, the doctor must confront his haunting past spent in a dangerous religious sect.

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