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Roses Kiss

Fruit of the Bloom

Birds do it. Bees do it. But flowers are where it all goes down.


Jonquil, poet’s daffodil Narcissus jonquilla, Narcissus poeticus

Family: Amaryllidaceae Origin: Southern Europe



Ruby-throated hummingbird (female), red riding hood beardtongue Archilochus colubris, Penstemon schmidel

Families: Trochilidae, Plantaginaceae Origins: Eastern North America and Central America, North America



White Cape daisy, western honeybee Osteospermum ecklonis, Apis mellifera

Families: Asteraceae, Apidae Origins: South Africa, Africa



Hot lips, flamingo lily Psychotria elata, Anthurium andraeanum

Families: Rubiaceae, Araceae Origins: Central America, Colombia and Ecuador

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