Finland & Norway

1. Arctic CircleFinlandCrime2 SN | 16 EPS

SYNOPSIS  In a small Finnish village, local officer Nina Kautsalo responds to a call about gunshots and finds a dying woman in a cage infected with a lethal virus.

WHAT  Contemporary crime thriller. Strong female lead. Human trafficking, international criminals, a contagious and deadly virus.

WHY  Most popular original series from Finland’s top streaming service and drama producer Elisa Viihde

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2. BulletsFinlandThriller Suspense1 SN | 10 EPS

SYNOPSIS  When an international terrorist thought to be dead arrives in Finland seeking asylum, an intelligence officer goes undercover to find out if she really put her past behind her.

WHAT  A character-driven series rather than the traditional Nordic Noir focus on procedural drama.

WHY  Best Actress and Drama Program nominations at the 2019 Kultainen Venla.

3. Helsinki SyndromeFinlandCrime1 SN | 8 EPS

SYNOPSIS  When a man takes four journalists hostage, he demands that they use their positions to uncover the governmental and banking corruption that ruined his family 30 years earlier.

WHAT  The financial repercussions of the global pandemic inspired the creator make a series based on Finland's banking crisis in the 1990s.

WHY  “The modern Robin Hood-like Nordic noir.” ~cineuropa

4. JackpotNorwayAction1 Hour 26 Mins

Oscar wakes clenching a shotgun, covered in blood, surrounded by dead bodies in a strip club. Despite how it all may look, Oscar maintains his innocence as he recalls the misfortunes he’s experienced since winning over a million on a soccer bet.

5. PeacemakerFinlandThriller Suspense1 SN | 10 EPS

SYNOPSIS  An international peace negotiator discovers compromising information while working on an agreement between the Turks and Kurds.

WHAT  A true international drama that takes place in Finland, Turkey and Spain.

WHY  Director AJ Annila is known for taking on a wide range of film genres, including kung-fu and horror.

6. Piece of My HeartFinlandCrime1 SN | 8 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Two childcare workers attempt to help troubled children in Helsinki, while balancing their own personal struggles.

WHAT  Each episode focuses on a different childcare case.

WHY  2021 Golden Nymph Award winner for Special Jury Prize.

7. State of HappinessNorwayDrama2 SN | 16 EPS
Season 2 Just Added!

SYNOPSIS  An oil discovery off the coast of Norway ushers in a new way of life for the residents of the small fishing village.

WHAT  Set in 1970, the theme of revolution and change is enhanced by the soundtrack from the era.

WHY  Winner of five Golden Screen Awards.

8. ValkyrienNorwayThriller Suspense1 SN | 8 EPS

A doomsday prepper obsessed with the apocalypse. A doctor trying to save his dying wife. They’re partners in crime operating an underground clinic for very different reasons, but they could be humanity’s best hope.

9. Would You Eat ThisFinlandDocumentary1 SN | 5 EPS

A top-rated chef and scientist embark on an exciting adventure around the globe to discover the future of food. They meet with the most forward-thinking minds in the industry as they taste test the truly bizarre and sustainable future of flavor.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada