Films by Hong Sang-soo

Hong Sang-soo is one of Korea's most highly regarded writer/directors. His mostly improvised, uniquely constructed films conceal rich layers of meaning beneath simple surfaces. Hong has been known to get familiar with his actors before shooting by taking them on drinking binges, and many drinking scenes in his films include actually drunk performers. - Fandango
1. Hotel by the RiverSouth KoreaDrama1 Hour 36 Mins

An aging poet summons his two estranged sons to an isolated hotel, where they entangle with two strikingly beautiful women. Shot in gauzy black and white, Hong Sang-soo’s poetic film offers a powerful meditation on love, family, and death.

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2. GrassSouth KoreaDrama1 Hour 6 Mins

In this cinematic riddle of a film, Areum sits in a small café, typing on her laptop. Around her, customers enact various dramas from their lives. Is she writing what she hears or is she hearing what’s been written?

3. On the Beach at Night AloneSouth KoreaDrama1 Hour 41 Mins

Based on their real-life affair, Hong Sangsoo’s drama stars Kim Minhee as an actress reeling from an affair with a married film director. Consumed by thoughts of him, Younghee escapes to Hamburg and returns to Korea ready to face the crowd.

4. Hill of FreedomSouth KoreaDrama1 Hour 7 Mins

A woman receives a packet of letters from a man from her past. She drops the letters, scattering the contents. As the story unfolds she has to make sense of the chronology and the writer’s intent. A tale of love and longing from Hong Sangsoo.

5. Woman on the BeachSouth KoreaRomance2 Hours 9 Mins

When filmmaker Joong-rae suffers from writer’s block, he travels to the coast to find inspiration. He falls for his friend’s girlfriend, the vivacious Moon-sook. Their affair doesn’t last long, but Joong-rae cannot get Moon-sook out of his head.

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