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Now you can watch foreign series on Topic without reading subtitles. More shows and additional seasons of The Bridge and Pagan Peak coming soon!
1. The BridgeSwedenCrime4 SN | 38 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Swedish and Danish detectives must work together to track down a brutal killer.

WHAT  The series that launched Nordic Noir as a genre.

WHY  See the original series that spawned 5 local-language remakes.

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2. Arctic CircleFinlandCrime2 SN | 16 EPS

SYNOPSIS  In a small Finnish village, local officer Nina Kautsalo responds to a call about gunshots and finds a dying woman in a cage infected with a lethal virus.

WHAT  Contemporary crime thriller. Strong female lead. Human trafficking, international criminals, a contagious and deadly virus.

WHY  Most popular original series from Finland’s top streaming service and drama producer Elisa Viihde

3. Pagan PeakGermanyCrime2 SN | 16 EPS

SYNOPSIS  German and Austrian detectives team up to search for a serial killer who uses a Krampus mask to hide his identity.

WHAT  In folklore, Krampus visited children who misbehaved during the Christmas season.

WHY  Winner of multiple television awards in Germany and Austria.

4. Dead MountainRussiaThriller Suspense1 SN | 8 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Oleg, a fictional KGB major, sets out to uncover the truth of what happened on the Dyatlov Pass.

WHAT  A dramatization of the real-life mystery surrounding the 1959 disappearance of nine experienced Russian hikers.

WHY  Acclaimed Russian screenwriter Ilya Kulikov created the series based on declassified documents of the investigation.

5. AutonomiesIsraelThriller Suspense1 SN | 5 EPS

Set in an alternate reality in which the State of Israel is split into two territories; one a secular state, the other an ultra-Orthodox reality. A man is recruited to kidnap a girl caught in the centre of a legal battle between the opposing sides. This series also available to watch dubbed in English.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada