Coming Soon to Topic: September 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of September!

September may mean back to school, so let’s bid farewell to those summer heat waves and say hello to cozy nights indoors with our fall lineup.

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The Dark Heart SWEDEN A Topic Exclusive Coming to topic: September 29th

What can’t young love conquer? Sanna and Marcus’s deep infatuation is tested by a complex disappearance. The two grew up on neighboring farms in Southern Sweden, but their family similarities end there. Sanna is the daughter of a powerful millionaire landowner, while Marcus’s family struggles to stay afloat. But when Sanna’s father disappears under suspicious circumstances – following delivering an ultimatum to Sanna, encouraging her to end her love affair or be disinherited, the love is grievously tested. As the case goes unsolved, a young private investigator becomes obsessed, and in doing so entangles her life with the case to a dangerous degree. To complicate matters? It’s all based on a true story.

Miss Panama UNITED STATES A Topic Original Documentary Coming to Topic: September 8th

In 1980, Gloria Karamanites became the first Black woman to be a finalist in the Miss Panama pageant, despite the country’s high proportion of Black citizens. At the last minute, the panelists convened to obstruct her from winning. The racism she faced in the aftermath of the competition was brutal, but the Afro-Caribbean community rallied around her in incredible ways. In this Topic Original short documentary helmed by her daughter, we see how beauty standards are deeply intertwined with history.

The Rope FRANCE Coming to Topic: September 8th

Deep in a Norwegian forest lies a remote scientific observatory, the Helligskogen. It’s already an eerie locale, but what a group of scientists find there opens a deeper mystery. A rope surrounds the observatory, with no end in sight. As the group attempts to find the rope’s origin, they are dragged deeper and deeper into the forest – is the rope endless? Some of the scientists decide to follow the rope into the unexplored forest, while others remain at the station. The searchers begin to see their greatest fears play out on the hunt as their circumstances render fantasy and fact interchangeable.

White Sands DENMARK Coming to Topic: September 15th

For two loner cops, pretending to be a married couple may be more difficult than solving a murder. When a surfer dies in a seemingly idyllic seaside town, the cops sent to investigate must go undercover because the community is notoriously skeptical of police. Undercover expert Helene and homicide detective Thomas find that feigning love is more than they bargained for on this mission, and that playacting feelings just might awaken real ones.

Socially Distant UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: September 15th

A VICE journalist’s plans to interview and gain an understanding of Trump supporters in Upstate New York are interrupted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas Morton finds himself in a unique position to understand the ever widening political gulf, observing conservative reactions to the pandemic in a fish out of water scenario as his own life devolves, living out of his car amidst a public health crisis. As serious Trump supporters end up having some of the most puzzling responses to the pandemic, Morton has a front row seat to the strange ways that individuals react to a nationwide trauma.

Landfall UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: September 22nd

Natural disasters beget some of the most sociopolitically challenging circumstances. When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island was thrust into a fight for its life as the United States virtually abandoned its territory in its darkest hour. Citizens band together to rise up against political corruption while working tirelessly to revitalize their home after unmitigated disaster. As the community works to make sense from the rubble, innovation and care commingle: a school becomes a communal living space, people sacrifice to feed each other when foreign aid falls through.

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