Coming Soon to Topic: October 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of October!

October and Topic go hand-in-hand with haunting true tales, good versus evil plots, and the sinister supernatural.

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The Dark Heart Mörkt Hjärta SWEDEN A Topic Exclusive New Episodes on Thursdays

Keep following Sanna and Marcus through the frightening disappearance of Sanna’s father. The Dark Heart continues on October 6th on Topic with new Episodes every Thursday. Two families, one wealthy and one penniless, have been at odds for generations in Southern Sweden. But this story is no Romeo and Juliet. Or maybe, it’s Romeo and Juliet if a Capulet disappeared without a trace, and a newcomer to Verona became obsessed with the case and intertwined herself with the characters’ lives to a startling degree. Don’t forget that The Dark Heart is also based on a true story. There’s no better way to begin this sinister season than keeping up with this twisted tale.

Christine UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: October 6

When does the desire for sensational news go too far? This true story might be scarier than fiction. 29-year-old reporter Christine Chubbuck struggles to make it as a female reporter in the ‘70’s. She dreams of being known for serious journalism, but her career is going nowhere. Between her struggles with depression, office competition, and lackluster personal life, it’s hard to see how she can get ahead. When her station manager issues a mandate to deliver juicier stories, Christine makes a startling decision that will leave an indelible mark on the landscape of news media. Starring Rebecca Hall, Michael C. Hall, and J. Smith Cameron, this film tells a garish tale and raises complex questions about where news ends and exploitation begins.

The Last Panthers UNITED KINGDOM Coming to Topic: October 13

Stolen diamonds never fail to provide scintillating drama. Samantha Morton, Sir John Hurt, and Tahar Rahim star as two teams working in opposite directions across Europe to recover the diamonds from a web of organized crime. Separately, Naomi, an independent claims specialist, and Khalil, a police officer, begin to suspect that long inactive gang, the Pink Panthers, have come out of retirement to commit the heist of a lifetime. But more than stolen diamonds are at stake: a 6-year-old girl was caught in the crossfire and killed. Solving the case will mean confronting international conflicts that have defined the 21st century in Europe.

Hunting the Essex Lorry Killers UNITED KINGDOM Coming to Topic: October 20

In October 2019, a lorry driver called 999 in an industrial estate in Essex, but the investigators on duty ended up with much more on their plates than an open-shut case. Instead, they uncover a multimillion-pound international smuggling ring amidst the tragic deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants. This documentary received exclusive access to case files from the Essex Police and shows how the detectives worked tirelessly to build a maddening web of evidence tracing back to an innocuous hauling business in Northern Ireland. The crew also travels to Vietnam to meet the families of the deceased and share their stories.

Bullets FINLAND Coming to Topic: October 27 New episodes every Thursday

Madina Taburova has reached her ‘one last job.’ But she’s not a detective or even a thief: she’s a suicide bomber recruiter. A Finnish undercover cop, Mari Saari, is assigned to infiltrate her circle and befriend the terrifying Taburova, who is played by Sibel Kekilli of Game of Thrones fame. But this last job differs from Taburova’s grisly career: she’s attempting to reunite with her daughter, and a cabal of conspirators are bargaining with a political assassination in exchange for information on the long-lost daughter. Mari becomes more involved in the plot than she bargained for.

Arctic Circle FINLAND Season 1 now with English Dubbing Coming to Topic: October 6

These days, nothing is scarier than a contagious deadly virus. Luckily, this virus is fictional, but it doesn’t make it any less terrifying. A virologist and a detective race to solve the murder of a sex worker found in a cage in a cabin basement before the virus that infected her becomes a full-blown pandemic. Now that we know how earth-shattering a pandemic is, their struggle to solve the case feels even more urgent. The investigation expands to include human trafficking, international criminals, and biological warfare in one of the coldest climates on earth.

The Bridge Bron/Broen SWEDEN/DENMARK Seasons 1 and 2 now with English Dubbing Coming to Topic: October 20

A decade after it first aired, revisit the series that kicked off the Nordic Noir genre, now with English dubbing for seasons 1 and 2. On the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, a woman’s body is found, torso on one side of the border and legs on the other. But the crime is more gruesome than it looks: it’s actually two bodies belonging to two different women. One detective from each country leads the case, brash Saga and easygoing Martin. They discover that one of the bodies belonged to a recently murdered politician and the other to a long-missing sex worker. Spawning five remakes, the original series is a foundational watch for anyone invested in the crime-thriller genre.

Watch episodes 1 and 2 of The Dark Heart while you wait for these chilling October releases.