Coming Soon to Topic: November 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of November!

We know what we’re thankful for this year: having the opportunity to bring you amazing international stories. A warm Nordic-sweater-cozy- thank you from all of us at Topic to you, our viewers, who share our passion in entertaining your dark side.

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Bullets FINLAND Continue streaming season 1 New episodes on Thursdays

It may be impossible to escape a past of violence. Female suicide bomber recruiter Madina Taburova is trying to end her career on a less grisly note. Mari Saari, a Finnish undercover cop, is tasked with befriending Taburova, and their strange relationship undermines both women’s commitments to their causes. For Mari, the connection, even a fraught tenuous one, proves to be intoxicating: as a cop who takes on each job with a new identity, she’s never had the chance to build relationships and the strange intimacy of her arrangement with Madina makes her vulnerable. Meanwhile, is Madina really trying to escape her bloody past, or is everything in service of a hidden agenda? This series was produced by the team behind The Bridge, The Killing, and the Millennium trilogy, so you know it’s going to bring the intensity. Get caught up in the obsession and dive into the psyche of two women unlike any the Nordic Noir genre has ever known.

American Animals UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: November 3

Has your life ever felt like a movie? For the protagonists of American Animals, that experience comes to life. Four college students living ordinary lives in Kentucky decide to upend their lives by stealing a horde of rare documents from their university library, including a rare first edition of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. But this isn’t your usual heist movie – in the narration of the film, the filmmakers created a hybrid structure with real-life interviews of the thieves after their prison stints, actors portraying their bumbling heist, and showcasing how the men have changed their lives since their time in prison.

The Accidental Wolf, Season 3 UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: November 10

Katie Bonner has one final chance to answer the call. In the final season of Arian Moayed’s (Succession, Inventing Anna, Spiderman: No Way Home) intense thriller, we might finally find the secret Katie has been trying to uncover since that fateful call in the first episode. Theories abound: Is this a government conspiracy? Has this all been one long delusion? Who is the woman that Katie found on Staten Island at the end of season 2? Will any of our queries be answered, or will we leave the series with more questions than we began with? There’s only one way to find out. Catch up on seasons 1 and 2 now on Topic.

Dough SWEDEN Coming to Topic: November 17

Imagine you found 5 million euro? What would you do with it? But there’s a catch: it’s stolen money, so you have to be very sneaky with how you use it. If you’re Malou, a divorced mother at the end of her rope, you might just open a bakery and try to launder the money through baked goods. And don’t forget to accidentally hire the robber’s wife! Who knows how long it’ll take these two to figure out what they have in common, but the ride to that moment will certainly be a wild one.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople NEW ZEALAND Coming to Topic: November 24

We’ve all dreamed of running away from it all, but what happens next? In the case of Ricky Baker and his “Uncle” Hector, a nationwide manhunt through the New Zealand countryside happens next. Ricky was a foster child and had trouble acclimating to a domestic lifestyle. But when his foster mother dies, he runs away into the bush and Hector has no choice but to follow him. The government begins a manhunt, and the acerbic foibles that follow are textbook Taika Waititi of JoJo Rabbit fame.

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