Coming Soon to Topic: May 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of May!

This month on Topic, we have new episodes of Deceit, as well as season 2 of Pagan Peak, and Pros and Cons. Two unique film releases round out the month!

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Deceit, episode 4 UNITED KINGDOM Coming to Topic: May 5

If you haven’t started Deceit, now’s your chance to get caught up before new episodes drop in May. In 1992, a young woman, Rachel Nickell, was murdered. As the case grew cold and the public grew desperate for answers, the police sent a female cop undercover to get evidence that would convict the prime suspect, a man named Colin Stagg. But the psychological profiling methods that the police department used to get the evidence were new and flawed, and the case became a cautionary tale on how criminal profiling can go haywire. In episode 4, we see the dire conclusion of the honeytrap gone wrong.

RAD UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: May 5

This cult-classic sports flick from 1986 is released in 4k remastering this month by Topic – watch the adventure in all its glory. Cru Jones is a small-town teenager with two big dreams, but he has to pick which path he wants to follow, and there’s no turning back. Cru can either follow his gut and take his BMX bike to the infamous Helltrack race or follow his family’s wishes, take the SAT, and go to college. If he wins Helltrack, he’d get 100k, a new car, and become famous. Of course, his mother would rather he pick the SAT and get on the college track. Which route will Cru take?

Pagan Peak (Der Pass), Season 2, Episodes 1-3 GERMANY Coming to Topic: May 12

A year has passed since the conclusion of the Krampus murder case that sent the German and Austrian police racing to solve a series of Pagan-influenced murders. As season 2 of Pagan Peak, the German-Austrian adaptation of The Bridge, begins, junior officer Yela Antic works to impress her boss, Ellie Stocker, but she keeps falling behind. But when Ellie has a traumatic flashback to the murders of season 1, she finds that Yela may be the only one who can help her cope with the aftermath.

Then, a week later, Season 2 Episode 4 of Pagan Peak comes to Topic. As the season continues, a young woman is found murdered in the Zill Valley, in similar circumstances to the earlier murders.

Every week a new episode drops – on May 26th, with episode 5, Ellie returns to duty after a mental health break, but the new serial killer on the loose might push her back over the edge.

Love, Antosha UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: May 19

Anton Yelchin was a child actor who seemed destined for a life of stardom. He charmed fans as Bobby Garfield in Hearts in Atlantis, and made a name for himself in parts large and small. Little did his fans know, he struggled with cystic fibrosis since he was a child. He worked hard to hide his diagnosis while doggedly pursuing his career as an artist and actor. Yelchin’s promising career and life were abruptly ended in a freak accident in 2017 – fans of his work will love this in-depth look into his life, and people who are just finding out about him will be astonished at what he was able to accomplish in his short life.

Pros and Cons, Season 2 DENMARK Coming to Topic: May 26

When we left Erik and Nina in Friheden at the end of season 1, they were deep in debt and didn’t have a plan for getting out. In season 2 of Pros and Cons, Erik and Nina are back to their old ways of scheming and scamming. After being confronted by their lack of retirement savings, they work with their daughter on a bigger con than ever before. Nina finds out that a wealthy Frenchman is about to acquire a Scandinavian skincare brand, and she lays the groundwork for a scam that could net the family more than 7 million dollars.

Catch up on episodes of Deceit, Pagan Peak, and Pros and Cons on Topic now in anticipation of these upcoming releases!