Coming Soon to Topic: June 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of June!

Espionage and secrets feature heavily in these thrilling series and films coming to Topic in June.

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Women Undercover FRANCE Coming to Topic: June 2

Step out of the spy stereotype with Women Undercover – rather than femmes fatale, the spies featured in Women Undercover use data and advanced investigation to achieve their goals. In this animated French series, a journalist interviews six modern-day female spies and builds an intriguing oral history of their various missions. The women served with the secret services in England, Russia, the United States, Germany, and Israel. Stunning illustrations complete this groundbreaking series about what it was like to be a spy during the Cold War.

Catching a Killer UNITED KINGDOM Coming to Topic: June 9 New episodes release on Thursdays

True crimeheads rejoice: Catching a Killer hones in on major crime investigations with unprecedented access. Each episode is a capsule showcasing the ins and outs of a major investigation, and the documentary episodes feature real-time footage.

The series delves deeper than most similar shows, going into specifics of how a criminal investigation works, from how agencies work together to how cases are handled once they reach the courtroom. New episodes arrive every Thursday in June on Topic.

Pagan Peak, Season 2 GERMANY New episodes release on Thursdays

A year has passed since the conclusion of the Krampus murder case that sent the German and Austrian police racing to solve a series of Pagan-influenced murders. As season 2 of Pagan Peak, the German-Austrian adaptation of The Bridge, continues, a young woman is found murdered in the Zill Valley – a new killer is on the loose. Young women are being targeted, and the killer has been careful to cover his tracks. When Ellie returns to duty after a mental health break, she and Winter are interrupted in their investigation by a new kidnapping. The season finale airs on June 16th.

The Ambassador THE NETHERLANDS Coming to Topic: June 16

In 2011, Danish journalist Mads Brugger went undercover with his fictional alter ego, pretending to establish a match factory in the Central African Republic. His real mission was to investigate corruption between a diplomatic agency and the blood diamond industry. The documentary was met with outrage from the Liberian government and a real-life Dutch businessman who was working amidst the corruption filed an injunction to stop the film from playing at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. Luckily the film prevailed and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Faster than Fear GERMANY Coming to Topic: June 23

For tough cop Sunny, suspicion is second nature – especially after she was assaulted on the job. She tries to put the attack behind her and take the lead when a notorious killer escapes prison, but her superiors send her to therapy instead. Taking matters into her own hands, Sunny’s desire to find her attacker and her hunt to catch the escaped killer become intertwined with dark and twisted results.

The Jump LITHUANIA Coming to Topic: June 30

Cold War intrigue continues with this stunning documentary release to round out the month on Topic. In 1970, a Lithuanian sailor named Simas Kudirka jumped from his Soviet Vessel off the coast of Massachusetts and tried to defect onboard a US Coast Guard cutter. The Americans refused to accept him, sending him back to the Soviet ship to face a dire fate. The film tracks the political snafu that ensued, and Kudirka himself enthusiastically narrates the aftermath of his fateful jump.

Watch the first half of season 2 of Pagan Peak on Topic now while you wait for these upcoming releases!