Coming Soon to Topic: July 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of July!

Beat the heat this July – stay inside with your AC and these Topic releases.

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State of Happiness, Season 2 NORWAY Season 2 coming to Topic: July 21

Will Norway sell its national soul for its oil interests? Season two picks up five years after season 1 left off in the oil fields of Norway. The year is now 1977, and the oil industry in Norway has picked up speed to grow at an alarming rate. When an oil well blows out and oil begins to seep into the ocean, oil seeps towards the Klondike fishing bank, which has been central to the Norwegian economy. Balancing carefully between the character’s personal choices and the economic and cultural history of Norway, State of Happiness showcases the ever-present struggle between the environment and political interests.

Mickey and the Bear UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: July 14

Mickey’s life is far from the All-American teenage dream. She lives in rural Montana and spends most of her time outside of school helping out her veteran father, who struggles with opioid addiction and PTSD from the war in Iraq. Living in the shadow of her mother’s death from cancerous pollution, Mickey and her father have tender moments of slow dance in empty bars, but their dynamic is ruled by Mickey’s nursing dad’s hangovers and comedowns.

On the verge of adulthood, Mickey’s internal struggle is laid bare (no pun intended): should she focus on caring for her father, or on building a new type of life for herself?

La French (The Connection) FRANCE Coming to Topic: July 28

The magistrate of Marseille has an obsession: he wants to end the international heroin smuggling ring, the French Connection. “La French” is smuggling morphine from Turkey to create their potent heroin before exporting it to New York City, alongside robberies and high-level extortion. When investigations continue to turn up dry after years on the job, magistrate Pierre Michel decides to risk his life to take down the kingpin, Gaetan Zampa. Immerse yourself in the true story of the danger of the 1970s international drug trade. La French was nominated for two categories at the Cesar Awards, known as the Oscars of France – ooh la la!

Après CANADA Coming to Topic: July 7 New episodes release on Thursdays

How does a community respond to unfathomable tragedy? In Lac Sabin, a small town in the Lauretanians, Quebec, Apres begins in the first minutes following a devastating event and spirals outwards as the tragedy grows to affect everyone in the community. Every character has a unique reaction to the incident, and as the media roll in to observe and comment on the aftermath, the bonds of locals begin to fracture. Apres carefully and sensitively depicts the social, psychological, and physical aftereffects of a town thrown into turmoil. WARNING: Contains graphic gun violence and disturbing images.

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