Coming Soon to Topic: January 2022

These epic TV shows and movies are coming to Topic in January. Start the new year with some edge-of-your-seat mysteries and some movies from cutting edge African filmmakers.

Iskander Season 1 FRANCE, 2 SEASON Full season premieres January 6 Chloe is a rookie cop, transferred to the community of Cayenne in the French Guinea. She’s desperate to prove herself in the company of rough cops many years her senior. She’s partnered with an abrasive lieutenant, Joseph Dialo, and they work to overcome their differences to solve the murder of a French couple and find their missing son.

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Iskander Season 2 FRANCE, 2 SEASONS Episode 1 - 3 premiere January 13. New episodes every Thursday

Continue the binge of Season 1 and follow Chloe’s next adventure. Still searching for Dialo after his untimely disappearance, Chloé learns that back home, her mother, also a police officer, has committed suicide. Can Chloe beat her own assumptions about tradition to overcome her mother’s death and succeed in her search for Dialo?

Persona Season 1 TURKEY, 1 SEASON Episodes 1 - 8 available now. New episodes every Thursday

The decisions of Agâh will completely change the life of Nevra. This thrilling series explores the mysteries of memory as a retired court officer with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease decides to act out long-simmering revenge. Will Agâh survive his chosen mission, or will the viewer be forced to watch as his memories are sharply torn from his decaying brain? What will Agah do if Nevra finds out the truth about his quest for revenge?

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Would You Eat This? Season 1 FINLAND, 1 SEASON Full season premieres January 20

Get on a mind blowing road trip to the future of food. From the use of some unlikely protein sources (insects, anyone?) to lab-created meat substitutes, this show dives into sustainable options that will serve our growing population. Explore how food scientists are addressing global warming and potential food shortages through how we eat today, and how we might eat tomorrow.

The Returned, Season 1 FRANCE, 1 SEASON Full season premieres January 27

Created by Fabrice Gobert, The Returned is a French supernatural drama television series. Based on the 2004 French film, The Returned opens in a small mountain community, which is rocked to its core when several local people who are presumed dead suddenly reappear at their homes. Moody, picturesque, and bone-chilling, you’re going to want to stream that one ASAP.

Softie KENYA, POLITICAL DRAMA, 1 HOUR 36 MINUTES Premieres January 6

When he wants to run for political office, Softie is forced to choose: country or family? Boniface “Softie” Mwangi has long fought injustices in his country as a political activist. The film is daring and audacious, and, recognized as Kenya’s most provocative photojournalist, Softie will make you wish for a trip to Kenya all on your own.

Nafi’s Father SENEGAL, DRAMA, 1 HOUR 47 MINUTES Premieres January 13

Two brothers battle over the consequences of their children’s marriages. This striking film was the Senegalese entry for the 2021 Oscars! It was also a 2020 Sundance Grand Jury Prize World Cinema Documentary nominee. Director Mamadou Dia, creates a powerful portrait of a small community slowly drifting toward extremism – beginning with two brothers and spiraling outward to the community at large.

Gold Coast Lounge Ghana, DRAMA, 2 HOURS 6 MINUTES Premieres January 20

What would you do if your government was trying to shut down your family business? That’s what happens to the protagonists of Gold Coast Lounge, though it’s a little more complicated than the traditional family run venue — the family owns a private lounge, and they have ties to the Ghanaian mob. This Afro-noir film, shot in black and white gives a modern take on a classic film genre.

Call Me Thief SOUTH AFRICA, CRIME DRAMA, 2 HOURS 20 MINUTES Premieres January 27

An imprisoned man begins to weave stories for his fellow prisoners, and finds that he has a hidden talent for telling tales. He finds that his newfound talent can protect him from the notoriously brutal aspects of life in prison. In a crazy twist, the film is actually based on the life of the screenwriter, who went to prison for burglary and ended up becoming a storyteller, and eventually, an author.