Coming Soon to Topic: December 2021

Learn about the riveting shows and movies coming to Topic in December.

Persona TURKEY, 1 SEASON Episodes 1-4 available December 2. New episode added weekly.

This thrilling series explores the mysteries of memory as a retired court officer with early-stage Alzheimer's disease decides to act out long-simmering revenge. Agâh lives alone in a crowded district of Istanbul, working as a landlord who has close relationships with his tenants. He chooses to take his diagnosis as a sign to exert vigilante justice against the men who covered up a long-ago unspeakable crime against a young girl. A must-watch for anyone who’s fascinated by how our most disturbing memories affect us as we age.

Thy Kingdom Come UNITED STATES, DOCUMENTARY, 42 MINS Coming to Topic: December 2nd, 2021

A follow-up to Terrence Malick’s widely lauded ‘To The Wonder,’ this film puts Javier Bardem in the role of a fictional priest to a very real Ohio town. The residents of the town begin to come to Bardem with personal struggles: a cancer patient questioning her faith in God, a grieving mother who is the subject of criticism for her infant’s death, an inmate waiting for a love letter. The blend of reality and imagination is spellbinding.

Hill of Freedom SOUTH KOREA, DRAMA, 1 HOUR 7 MINS Coming to Topic: December 9th, 2021

In this film by renowned filmmaker Hong Sang Soo, Kwon returns to her home in Seoul after a stay in a mountain village. She finds a packet of letters from an old lover waiting for her at home. But soon after receiving the letters, Kwon drops them while walking down the stairs and they scatter all over, and as the letters were undated, she has no idea of their true order. The viewer works to understand the chronology of the letters alongside the protagonist.

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Helvetica SWITZERLAND, 1 SEASON Coming to Topic: December 16th, 2021

This thriller is about something much more dramatic than everyone’s favorite font. Tina, a janitor in the federal palace of Switzerland finds her life upended when she becomes embroiled in a hostage situation. The series oscillates between quiet scenes with Tina’s family and her unlikely ascent to secret agent against the backdrop of dangerous international negotiations.

Woman on the Beach SOUTH KOREA, ROMANCE, 2 HOURS 9 MINS Coming to Topic: December 16th, 2021

In another Hong Sang Soo production, a filmmaker with writer's block goes for a restorative trip to the coast, but the results are anything but relaxing. A short affair between the filmmaker and his best friend’s girlfriend becomes a duplicitous psychological game when the protagonist tries to repeat the tryst with a lookalike lover. The film hits a perfect note of both bittersweet humor and thrilling psychodrama.

Influenza SOUTH KOREA, SHORT, 30 MINS Coming to Topic: December 23rd, 2021

Before Parasite, blockbuster director Bong Joon-Ho directed this unsettling short film. Shot entirely from the vantage point of a CCTV camera, it depicts an unemployed man turning unexpectedly to a spree of violent crime. Packing the punch of a feature length into a short film, Influenza deftly explores a man’s basest desires.

The Accidental Wolf Season 2 UNITED STATES, 2 SEASONS Coming to Topic: December 30th, 2021

In the second season of The Accidental Wolf, Katie has tried to move on from her obsession with the horrifying phone call where she heard a stranger’s death. But amidst her attempted return to normal life, another mysterious call comes her way after she spots a vision in the sky while attending a wellness retreat. You’ll be trying to solve the mystery right alongside Katie.

Paju SOUTH KOREA, DRAMA, 1 HOUR 50 MINS Coming to Topic: December 30th, 2021

When a young teacher moves to the town of Paju, two sisters find themselves competing for his desire. Tragedy strikes, and one of the sisters goes on a soul-searching trip to India. When she returns, she finds her housing complex facing demolition from a suspicious enterprise. These disparate threads begin to come together as the film reaches its climax.

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