Coming Soon to Topic: August 2022

Take a look at what’s coming to Topic in the month of August!

Let the dog days of summer pass by with these new releases on Topic.

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Murder at the Cottage IRELAND First two episodes air on August 4 with new episodes every Thursday

True crime aficionados will fall headfirst into this five-part documentary, which goes deeper into a disturbing unsolved case than ever before. Two days before Christmas, a French film producer, Sophie Toscan du Plantier, is brutally murdered in her holiday cottage in the Irish countryside. Though more than fifty people are questioned as persons of interest in the grisly case, the police never make an arrest. Academy award-nominated director Jim Sheridan sheds new light on a crime that has never seen justice with new footage, interviews with Sophie’s family, and even speaking with key suspect Ian Bailey. Irish himself, Sheridan’s work explores how this murder affected a small community. Sheridan’s unique approach to investigating an unsolved murder and his integration of Irish lore make this a must-watch.

Skid Row Marathon UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: August 11

In America, the lives of ex-cons are often swept under the rug. Criminal court judge Craig Mitchell has more involvement than most in the underserved people of Los Angeles – instead of turning his back, he decides to lead a long-distance running club for the ex-cons and drug addicts of Skid Row. The running club helps bring meaning and purpose to the lives of the unhoused people who are ignored by greater society.

Parlement, Season 2 FRANCE Coming to Topic: August 18

Samy is back for more hijinks in the EU Parliament. He’s got a new MEP, a new girlfriend, and a new intern, who’s already doing a better job than Samy himself. Samy is slightly more competent than he was in season 1, but he’s still not ready for the wild ambition of his new boss Valentine Cantel. Valentine is ready to shake up Parliament with an ocean-conserving set of bills called the Blue Deal, and our favorite characters from season 1 continue to flail amongst European bureaucracy.

Ghost Fleet UNITED STATES Coming to Topic: August 25

When we eat a meal, we rarely consider the chain of people worldwide whose lives revolve around getting the food onto our plate. In this documentary, we’re brought to remote islands of Indonesia, where enslaved fishermen work to the bone to bring seafood to the world. A group of activists fight for the men’s freedom, most of whom were sold to fishing companies by human traffickers. The men live in bare-bones or even dangerous accommodations on ships, earning little to no money, slaves to a criminal conspiracy that underwrites the global seafood industry. It’s a devastating watch, but important for anyone dedicated to global justice.

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