Central and South America

1. Extraordinary StoriesArgentinaDrama1 SN | 3 EPS

In 3 parts, this genre-breaking film manages to create a playful viewing experience unlike any other while introducing 18 satisfying stories all interwoven in bold and subtle ways.

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2. La FlorArgentinaDrama1 SN | 8 EPS

Ambitious and unprecedented, La Flor is a 14-hour adventure that shape-shifts through genres, from musical to spy thriller, each defying narrative form. Presented in eight parts, the film boldly pushes the boundaries of fiction as we know it.

3. Noemí GoldArgentinaDrama1 Hour 21 Mins

Friends, parties, new romance. Some people dive headfirst into their 20s. For Noemí Goldberg, who has unreliable friends, overbearing relatives, and an unwanted pregnancy, her 20s feel more like choppy waters she must wade through.

4. Salvador AllendeChileDocumentary1 Hour 40 Mins

A chronicle of the life and death of one of the 20th century's most inspiring, and controversial, leaders, whose overthrow by an American-backed military destroyed not only his dream of Chilean socialism, but all those he inspired.

5. CaballerangoMexicoDocumentary59 Mins

In the Mexican village of Milpillas, a family remembers the last day they saw their youngest son, Nando, a horse wrangler apprentice. Through the voices and daily rituals of the community, Caballerango evokes the presence of those who have parted.

6. The Man Who Saw Too MuchMexicoDocumentary1 Hour 28 Mins

A film about fragility, sensationalism and images of violence. Through the work of cult photographer Metinides and today's tabloid photographers, we discover a different Mexico City and confront our horror and fascinations with morbidity, rubbernecking through the Metinides Gaze.

7. Once Upon a Time in VenezuelaVenezuelaDocumentary1 Hour 40 Mins

Once prosperous, the village of Congo Mirador is now rotting away. At the center are two women on opposing sides of Venezuelan politics. As national elections approach, can the village survive corruption, pollution, and economic decay?

*Some titles may not be available in Canada