1. AprèsCanadaDrama1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Violence doesn't happen here. Until it does. The residents of a small Canadian town deal with the aftermath of a devastating mass shooting.

WHAT  A drama that considers various perspectives of those involved – from victims and community members to police, journalists, and the shooter's family.

WHY  Louis Choquette received a Canadian Screen Award for directing his previous series 19-2.

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2. Happily MarriedCanadaComedy1 SN | 10 EPS

SYNOPSIS  They didn't mean to become hardened criminals or murders, they just wanted to fix their marriages while the kids were away at summer camp.

WHAT  Quebec's most infamous crime gang of the 1970s were the folks next door.

WHY  As the crimes get worse, the 1970s fashion gets better.

3. PolytechniqueCanadaDrama1 Hour 17 Mins

SYNOPSIS  A fictionalized look at three people's lives in the timeframe leading up to a university shooting that rocked Montreal in 1989.

WHAT  Inspired by the real-life incident that took place at Montreal's École Polytechnique.

WHY  Winner of 17 film awards.

4. WhitewashCanadaCrime1 Hour 31 Mins

Thomas Haden Church stars as Bruce, a snowplow driver. Bruce befriends Paul, whose seemingly warm presence is revealed as a mask for his more sinister side. Bruce learns the truth while on the run from the law through the Canadian wilderness.

5. AvaCanadaDrama

Coming of age is hard enough as it is, but in Iran it’s dictated by strict rules. Ava will have to find her place in the world while navigating family hypocrisy, defying social norms, and facing constant reminders to follow traditions.

6. Havana, from on HighCanadaDocumentary1 Hour 19 Mins

High above Central Havana is a community of rooftop dwellers who have been forced upwards due to the city’s chronic housing shortage. In Pedro Ruiz’s visually mesmerizing film, these unique residents reflect on life in a society amid transformation.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada