Bingeworthy TV Shows

1. Arctic CircleFinlandCrime2 SN | 16 EPS

SYNOPSIS  In a small Finnish village, local officer Nina Kautsalo responds to a call about gunshots and finds a dying woman in a cage infected with a lethal virus.

WHAT  Contemporary crime thriller. Strong female lead. Human trafficking, international criminals, a contagious and deadly virus.

WHY  Most popular original series from Finland’s top streaming service and drama producer Elisa Viihde

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2. Baron NoirFranceThriller Suspense3 SN | 24 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A political strategist vows revenge after taking the fall to save a presidential candidate's campaign.

WHAT  A dark drama about what it takes to succeed in politics.

WHY  Kad Merad was nominated for a Best Actor award at the 2017 International Emmy Awards.

3. Dark WoodsGermanyCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A high ranking police officer’s search for his missing sister spans 30 years and reveals a series of horrific murders.

WHAT  Police procedural inspired by real life events.

WHY  Most watched series on Germany’s ARD streaming platform in 2020.

4. Dead MountainRussiaThriller Suspense1 SN | 8 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Oleg, a fictional KGB major, sets out to uncover the truth of what happened on the Dyatlov Pass.

WHAT  A dramatization of the real-life mystery surrounding the 1959 disappearance of nine experienced Russian hikers.

WHY  Acclaimed Russian screenwriter Ilya Kulikov created the series based on declassified documents of the investigation.

5. DeceitUnited KingdomDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

SYNOPSIS  An undercover officer attempts to coerce a confession out of a suspect, eventually leading to the arrest of an innocent man.

WHAT  A police procedural told from a female perspective.

WHY  Based on a real entrapment case from 1992. The officer's identity has never been revealed.

6. Follow the MoneyDenmarkCrime3 SN | 30 EPS

SYNOPSIS  An apparent industrial accident at a wind farm leads detectives to uncover a web of corruption.

WHAT  Economic crime thriller set in the world of sustainable energy.

WHY  Another winner from the producers of The Bridge and The Killing.

7. IskanderFranceThriller Suspense2 SN | 10 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Rookie cop Chloé, a new arrival to French Guiana, investigates the ritualistic double murder of a French couple and their missing son.

WHAT  What begins as a police procedural quickly takes a turn as the story moves from tin-shack favelas to the heart of the jungle and voodoo rituals.

WHY  Iskander dives into the mysticism and specificities of French Guiana from the point of view of a French girl.

8. Lambs of GodAustraliaThriller Suspense1 SN | 4 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Three women living self-sufficiently on a remote island will do whatever it takes to prevent a priest from disrupting their way of life.

WHAT  A gothic fairytale that keeps you guessing.

WHY  Nominated for 18 awards at the 2019 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts

9. NoxFranceCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

SYNOPSIS  When her police officer daughter disappears, retired cop Catherine embarks on a race against time to find her.

WHAT  Crime thriller set in the sewers and catacombs of Paris.

WHY  Top French actors; Inspired by Heart of Darkness, Seven & True Detective.

10. Pagan PeakGermanyCrime2 SN | 16 EPS

SYNOPSIS  German and Austrian detectives team up to search for a serial killer who uses a Krampus mask to hide his identity.

WHAT  In folklore, Krampus visited children who misbehaved during the Christmas season.

WHY  Winner of multiple television awards in Germany and Austria.

11. The Accidental WolfUnited StatesThriller Suspense3 SN | 14 EPS

SYNOPSIS  A bored housewife answers a call from an unknown number only to hear the caller plead for help for his pregnant wife and then suddenly get murdered.

WHAT  The series dances around the questions of who is right and what is real.

WHY  Writer/director Arian Moayed plays Stewy on HBO’s “Succession.” Stars Tony Award Winner Kelli O’Hara.

12. The BridgeSwedenCrime4 SN | 38 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Swedish and Danish detectives must work together to track down a brutal killer.

WHAT  The series that launched Nordic Noir as a genre.

WHY  See the original series that spawned 5 local-language remakes.

13. The GraveIsraelScience Fiction1 SN | 8 EPS

SYNOPSIS  When three skeletons are discovered in a deep pit, detectives make an even more surprising discovery – DNA tests match with three very-much-alive people.

WHAT  A police drama that centers on human connections and relationships.

WHY  Best Drama Series and Best Art Direction nominations at the 2019 Awards of the Israeli Television Academy.

14. The KillingDenmarkCrime3 SN | 40 EPS

SYNOPSIS  Available for the first time to North American streaming audiences.

WHAT  Each season follows a different murder case, with each episode covering 24 gripping hours of investigation.

WHY  BAFTA winner for Best International TV Series. Basis for the American remake on AMC/Netflix.

15. The Missing ChildrenUnited KingdomDocumentary1 SN | 3 EPS

SYNOPSIS  An extraordinary true crime story that exposes the Catholic Church’s involvement in the trafficking, neglect and suspicious deaths of babies born to unwed mothers.

WHAT  Stories of some of the survivors of the Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam, Ireland.

WHY  Tuam is just one of 18 such mother and baby homes investigated across Ireland.

16. The TailingsAustraliaCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

When troubled teen Jas starts investigating her dad’s suspicious death, she clashes with new teacher Ruby, who’s hiding a dark secret. What Jas uncovers will change everything for their small Tasmanian town.

17. SalamanderBelgiumCrime2 SN | 22 EPS

SYNOPSIS  The theft of 66 safe deposit boxes leads Inspector Paul Gerardi to a secret organization whose members are Belgian’s most powerful and elite.

WHAT  Starts as a classic bank heist and evolves into a conspiracy thriller.

WHY  An exploration of "vanity and greed, how power and money corrupts, and what people do when their secrets are about to be made public".

18. When the Dust SettlesDenmarkThriller Suspense1 SN | 10 EPS

SYNOPSIS  The stories of eight characters whose lives interconnect in the days leading up to and following a terrorist attack in Copenhagen.

WHAT  A look at how people's decisions, even those seemingly inconsequential, affect others' lives.

WHY  Nominated for six television awards.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada