Australia & New Zealand

1. F*!#ing AdelaideAustraliaComedy1 SN | 6 EPS

Adelaide is a place that the members of this family never wanted to return to. However, they find they are all drawn back to it when their mom decides to sell their home. A deeply intimate riff on how awful (and glorious) it can be to return home, we experience each episode of this six part comedy-drama, told through a different lense. Each episode unfurls the chronological story of the dismantling of a home with a dark past but is told from the distinct point-of-view of a different character.

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2. Hannah Gadsby's Nakedy NudesAustraliaDocumentary1 SN | 2 EPS

"The Nude" is one of the most enduring Casts in western art history. It has survived the crumbling of ancient civilizations and the shaming of well-placed medieval fig foliage. Art galleries today are full of nude bodies. How did that happen? The series walks boldly between artful humour and accessible art analysis. It gets you thinking even if you only tune in for a laugh. And for those art fans who tune in for their artsy hit, they’ll get that through a heavy measure of chuckle.

3. Hannah Gadsby's OzAustraliaDocumentary1 SN | 3 EPS

Australian stand up comedian Hannah Gadsby is a closet art scholar. Armed with a rapier wit and desire to pick beneath the paint, she travels across the continent on a mission to debunk the myths of the Australian Identity as defined by our art canon. From first settlement to Federation to post-multiculturalism, Hannah will forge an irreverent new image of who we think we are through a re-examination of art history. She will engage with a new generation determined to challenge their culture.

4. Lambs of GodAustraliaThriller Suspense1 SN | 4 EPS

This gothic horror series follows three nuns who inhabit an isolated, run-down convent. When a stranger threatens to disrupt their eccentric way of life, all hell breaks loose. Starring Essie Davis, Sam Reid, Jessica Barden and Emmy® winner Ann Dowd.

5. Sunshine KingsAustraliaDrama1 SN | 4 EPS

Jacob Garanga lives in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine. Despite his poor upbringing, he is a talented basketballer with dreams of climbing his Biblical namesake’s ladder to heaven: the American NBA. Running parallel to Jacob’s sporting aspirations and life within Sunshine’s South Sudanese community is a criminal investigation. Police are hunting down the perpetrator of a violent assault, which has left a teenage girl from the prestigious suburb of Templestowe in a coma fighting for her life.

6. The TailingsAustraliaCrime1 SN | 6 EPS

When troubled teen Jas starts investigating her dad’s suspicious death, she clashes with new teacher Ruby, who’s hiding a dark secret. What Jas uncovers will change everything for their small Tasmanian town.

7. China's Artful DissidentAustraliaDocumentary57 Mins

On the 30th anniversary of the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, CHINA’S ARTFUL DISSIDENT shadows a Chinese political artist in exile as the artist clandestinely protests China’s abuse of human rights and its cover-up of the horrific slaughter of innocent students in 1989. Inspired by Tank Man – the lone protestor who stared down a convoy of Red Army tanks in Tiananmen – the artist travels the globe meeting survivors and fellow dissidents who share powerful first-hand testimonies.

8. Girl AsleepAustraliaDrama1 Hour 17 Mins

In this vibrant portrayal of Australian adolescence, Greta Driscoll's bubble of obscure loserdom is burst when her parents throw her a surprise 15th birthday party and invite the whole school! Perfectly content being a wallflower, suddenly Greta's flung into a distant, parallel place -- a strange world that’s a little frightening and a lot weird, but only there can she find herself. Equal measures Wes Anderson and Lewis Carroll, an enchanting journey into the absurd depths of the teenage mind.

9. Martha: A Picture StoryAustraliaDocumentary1 Hour 22 Mins

In the 1970s, Martha Cooper ran through New York City with masked graffiti crews for her debut book, “Subway Art.” Now, 30 years later, the tiny, gray-haired photographer has become an unexpected icon of the street art movement.

10. Suzi QAustraliaDocumentary1 Hour 40 Mins

In 1973, Suzi Quatro became the first woman to front a rock band and have international hits. Since then, she’s paved the way for bands like Blondie and The Runaways. This is her incredible story. Featuring Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, and Henry Winkler.

11. The PropositionAustraliaVideo1 Hour 44 Mins

In this gritty Western, a lawman apprehends a notorious outlaw and gives him nine days to kill his older brother. Set in the Australian outback in the 1880s, this is a real and violent take on the genre. Starring Guy Pearce, Emily Watson, Ray Winstone and John Hurt. Written by acclaimed songwriter Nick Cave.

12. This TownNew ZealandComedy1 Hour 31 Mins

SYNOPSIS  Small-town girl Casey meets accused murderer Sean on a dating app.

WHAT  A comedy about love, murder and finding the one. Mockumentary elements.

WHY  Written, directed and starring David White and awash with well-known New Zealand actors.

*Some titles may not be available in Canada