Issue No. 11 | Animalia

Animal House

The relationship between humans and animals is both fascinating and fraught. As children, creatures take center stage as the protagonists of our picture books, animated movies, and overstuffed toy boxes. As adults, we keep them as pets, put them on everything from currency to calendars, and murder them en masse for food. Our May issue explores these complexities in a menagerie of stories, including the new series The Book of Dog. Featuring voices from folks like Fred Armisen, Janeane Garofalo, and Lewis Black, this quartet of comedic shorts explores the dark side of dog breeding: man’s inhumanity to man’s best friend.



Frans de Waal: Great Apes and the Gift of Empathy

The legendary primatologist reflects on primates’ capacity for tender loving care.

A Field Guide to the Undercover House Cat

Your cat’s not just watching you—it’s gathering information.

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The Expat Vet to Emirati Royalty

Tending to an angry ostrich, a trained cheetah, a pregnant tortoise, a baby owl, a deaf pug, and a tiny gazelle are all in a day’s work.

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The Book of Dog

A comedic series about dogs, humans, and centuries of selective breeding.

Birds of a Feather

The relationship between humans and parrots can be surprisingly profound.

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How to Kill a Fish

Most of the fish we eat die by asphyxiation. But there’s a better way, both for the fish and those who eat them.

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Little Fur Family

A furry photographer travels to California to meet his fursona, a white-tailed deer named Atmus.

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Hollywood Furever

These Instagram-famous pets begged for treats, not fame. But now their star quality lights up the (very small) screen.

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The Wild Inside

Inmates in the Arizona state-prison system work to tame wild horses as they prepare for their own release.

A Bustle in the Hedgerow

Wherever hedgehogs go, drainpipes are the enemy.

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About the Cover: Animalia

A conversation with Brooklyn-based illustrator Ping Zhu.

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Off Topic

The Dognapping of Kid Boots Ace

A champion Boston terrier disappeared during a victory lap at a Chicago dog show in 1934. Then came the phone call demanding money.

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What Big Eyes You Have

The owls of Tokyo’s Pakuchi Bar are ready for a stare-down.

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Off Topic

American Eagle Outfitter

How Challenger the bald eagle became the most in-demand bird in America.

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