All in Your Mind: The Game

An illustrated guide to a range of mind games that is a game in itself.

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Ever wonder how to best gaslight someone? Or execute the perfect guilt trip? We’ve created a game that is designed to be played while you’re playing another game—because every competition, from a friendly round of Settlers of Catan to the World Series— is won or lost inside your head.

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Mo’ne Davis: Surviving the Sting of a Bad Loss

One of the most famous young athletes of the 21st century discusses moving on after a devastating loss.

Just for Kicks

In sepak takraw, landing on your feet means you’re probably not playing hard enough.

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Ball Breakers

The life of a female billiards player is built on long hours, bad pay, and frequent travel. But at least you don’t have to share the table with men.

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Ally Man or Garbage Can?

Meet the game show where your instincts are almost always wrong! From The Nib’s upcoming second season.

Off Topic

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Engage in Class Warfare

Inside the world of socially-conscious board games.

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Speed Racers

A photographer’s journey into, and out of, high-risk motorcycle racing.

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Level Up

Working as a professional gamer could mean a steady income doing something you love. But not everyone can make the cut.

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Anatomy of a Pinball Machine

How pinball wizardry gets made.

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Black 14

Directed by Darius Clark Monroe and executive produced by Spike Lee, this documentary short tells the story of what happened when a group of college athletes decided to protest a long-standing racial injustice.

Asking For More: The Lessons of the Black 14

The outrage performed by white people in response to racial justice activism hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years.

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About the Cover: State of Play

All about this month’s roundly entertaining cover image.

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Off Topic

I Want My ChessTV

Welcome to fast-playing, trash-talking, chair-throwing, high-stakes world of online chess.

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