9 Suspenseful Mystery Thriller Shows and Movies


Who doesn’t love a good mystery? From classic whodunnits to psychological brainteasers, a good thriller is more than a movie; it’s an adrenaline rush that also engages your mind. The best mystery thrillers are like puzzles whose pictures keep changing, and putting together the pieces is not only challenging, but addictively fun. Personally, we’re obsessed with the genre, and we’re thrilled (no pun intended) to share with you some of our favorite titles from our collection. Mysterious vanishings, dark secrets from the past, life-changing phone calls, unforeseen connections, shifting perspectives, dangerous searches for even more dangerous truths—we’ve got ‘em all. Get ready to put your mystery-solving skills to the test and check out these nine thrillers that will keep you guessing all the way to the closing credits.

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The Accidental Wolf

With one mysterious call, your entire life could be upended. When upscale New Yorker Katie answers an unknown caller, on the other line is a stranger struggling to survive as explosions and gunshots sound off around him. As he takes his last breaths, he pleads with her to help his pregnant wife, Tala. Just like that, Katie’s awakened from her life of privilege and ennui and soon she enters a dark web of corruption, human trafficking, and government cover-ups as she becomes increasingly obsessed with finding Tala. Will she risk everything in her life to find the truth, or is she only trying to lose herself?


“If the lights go back on, your daughter dies.” This is the message that the prime minister of Belgium receives just as the country is engulfed in a nationwide blackout. Now she’s faced with an impossible choice: prioritize her daughter or her nation? In order to save her daughter and keep Belgium from sinking into paralysis and chaos, she must launch a secret investigation against impossible odds (no electricity means extremely limited technology), while at the same time maneuvering the political machine to keep the lights off. How long can she keep her people in the dark?


Out of 800 safety deposit boxes, 66 are robbed at a bank in Brussels. Why these 66 in particular and what did they contain? Hint: the contents are a hell of a lot more valuable than money. When Police Inspector Paul Gerardi investigates, he discovers that the owners of the boxes are all members of a shadowy and elite organization called Salamander, composed of the country’s most powerful elite. These are the types of figures who have enough secrets between them to bring down all of Belgium—and they’ve just landed in the wrong hands. Gerardi will have to navigate some unimaginably dangerous territory to find the culprit.


They live on the same street, but other than that they’re unconnected...or so it seems. One day, a group of strangers on Pepys Road each receives an anonymous postcard that reads: “We want what you have.” What does it mean? Their neighborhood has become one of the most expensive in London, with property prices rapidly increasing month by month, but having the same street address does not make all of the residents equal. But when the anonymous mail keeps coming, an elderly widow, a wealthy banker and his big-spending wife, and a first-generation Pakistani immigrant will become inextricably intertwined, and they’ll all be forced to reckon with more than just the high property tax. That’s the thing about real estate bubbles—eventually they burst.

The Day

Forget everything you know about the typical bank heist. By telling the story through two perspectives—the robbers on the inside and officers and negotiators on the outside—“The Day” surprises viewers at every turn and keeps them guessing until the very end. Who’s innocent and who are the real villains? What’s really going on inside the bank? Each person in the story sees something different, offering fragments to the full picture that cleverly throw you off trail. A slow burn that masterfully builds suspense and delivers more twists than a Six Flags roller coaster, “The Day” turns the bank heist story on its head, and blows it up with C4.


Sometimes peace is a battle. Barely a day into her retirement, Ann-Mari is asked to take one last job as a peacemaker. She must broker an agreement between the Turks and the Kurds, two warring factions with a long history of bloodshed and political turmoil. But when she learns that her own government in Finland might have a hand in the violence, she’ll realize that her last job is much more complicated, and sinister, than she could have fathomed. In order to negotiate peace, she’ll have to put herself in grave danger.


What if escaping a volatile relationship delivered you right into an even more twisted one? In this German psychological thriller, Yella escapes her abusive husband to start a new life in West Germany, where she finds both work and romance with a handsome businessman named Philipp. Sounds like a happy ending, right? Think again. Yella finds herself haunted by past demons and embroiled in new ones. Toxic love, corporate corruption, blackmail—Yella finds herself trapped in a cycle with no happy ending in sight.


These four women came here to chew gum and take down the patriarchy, and they’re fresh out of gum. Nour, Elin, Janni, and Karin are partners in a law firm called Heder (Swedish for “honor”) that seeks justice for sex crime survivors. But when they enter into an investigation that could expose a crime ring of Sweden’s most powerful men, they become the targets. Soon they start receiving threats and startling clues linked to a dark secret they share from their past, one that could threaten their entire practice if exposed. So they’ll have to do what they do best: fight back.


A long snowy train journey, mysterious and nefarious characters, a couple caught in the middle. In this Hitchcockian thriller, Jesse (Emily Mortimer) and Roy (Woody Harrelson) are traveling on the Transsiberian Express from Beijing to Moscow. The eight-day train journey is the longest in the world and offers plenty of time for things to go awry. And they do. When Jesse and Roy meet another couple, Abby and Carlos, they’ll become entangled in a dark circle of drugs and violence. But when Grinko (Ben Kingsley), a Russian narcotics officer boards the train, things go from bad to (much) worse.